Aug 29 2007
12:28 am
By: Insider

It's midnight plus 17 minutes. Could be the caffeine; could be the full moon. I should be sleeping.

I'm not.

It's not a concern. I know I'll sleep soon enough. For now, I'm content to own the night. I've been watching a YouTube clip of America playing Ventura Highway. It's a 2001 concert, and Dewey and the boys have held up well.

I've run through the clip several times, and I keep hitting the replay button.

Ventura Highway is an anthem for restless people.

It's my anthem.

'Cause a free wind is blowing through your hair ....

When I was young, I used to slip out of the house late at night just to feel the cool breeze make its way up from the river to the ridge. I drew the blanket of darkness around me and listened to the land breathe. Inhale -- the distant sound of a dog barking. Exhale -- the drone of a plane.

Darkness made things go away; unimportant things like distance and difference. All things are closer in darkness where the miles and milestones fade to black. Differences dissolve. I am comfortable in the night.

On those nights, I knew I would be leaving.

I was different.

Most of the people I knew then weren't going anywhere and had long ago accepted it. Their lives would be like the stale air inside the house from which I'd escaped.

Outside in the darkness, I would sit alone and think about where I might go someday. I made no plans because knowing a road lay ahead was plan enough.

When I began to live life in earnest, I became hooked on the journey. And so I kept going.

It's years later, and I have slowed. I am more inclined now to put down roots.

Then a night like this hits, and I wonder.

Tell me, how long you gonna stay here, Joe?

Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley had it right went they headed off down Ventura Highway.

The nights are stronger than moonshine.



You keep writing like that and us RoaneViewers may take up a collection to keep you in coffee.

Wow is right!

Whitescreek was right when he said, "Wow!" Way to go! :) :) :)

-- OneTahiti

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