Aug 31 2015
07:44 am

I have talked with a number of people who believe we should take a serious look at how the Board operates and its make up.

I went before them last time appraisals came out and presented some rather obvious mistakes in valuations, with no rebuttal by Kirham's office during my time before the BOQ. Apparently they met with Melvin Moore afterwards and refused to change the valuations. As I understand it, the Board is a quasi judicial board in which you are sworn in to testify and must operate according to judicial protocol. That means that you are entitle to be present any time your property is being discussed and should get to hear the Assessor's reasoning as to why your valuation was made. You should also be allowed to rebut the Assessor's testimony.

None of that happened. The legal term for having the Assessor's office meet with the Board without you present is called and "ex parte communication". It is illegal.

We took them to the state and my challenge was upheld. This is a needless expenditure of time and money that should be avoided. I have been told that over 800 challenges to the Board's reviews have been heard with most being overturned in the property owner's favor.

Is it time to review the Board's operations? It is a technical job and should be paid and staffed accordingly. Several of the members are friends of mine, just so you know.

Here is the RCN's Story on the sniping contest over this.

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.