Aug 28 2007
08:55 am
By: WhitesCreek

Why don't our County officials recognize high speed internet as an extrmely important part of rural Roane County's future?

Maybe this might be a clue...Not one County Commissioner has an email address listed on the County web site.

Actually, the only email address I found was for the County Mayor. I wonder if he checks it?

High Speed Internet - Lack of:

I emphatically agree with your message.

In defense of our mayor, mikefarmer1@comcast.net, he actually does read and reply.

On the other hand, Mike Hooks has two e-mail addresses, GeoMikeHooks@aol.com, MHooks@RoaneCounty911.com, neither of which he replies to.

Copper Bacon can be reached at dcchevadmin@comcast.net, but he does not reply.

The answer is that we need to elect new county commissioners that are actually "on the planet".

Interesting, but none of

Interesting, but none of those email addresses are posted at the County site.

Well, I understand the desire/need for simple ways...

... to communicate with the Commissioners, County Executive, etc.

But what makes you think the county officials don't recognize high speed internet as an extremely important part of the future development of rural Roane county?

Just what is it you believe that the county government can do about where CATV companies run their cables? Or where phone companies put digital switched so DSL lines could be used?

I don't really doubt that the county believes the internet - high speed, if you will - is an important and helpful way to communicate. I also really doubt if they're silly enough to undertake financing cable or DLS for the entire county when they have taken so much flak for things they've already undertaken to finance.


Where is the email list for the Commissioners?

But what makes you think the county officials don't recognize high speed internet as an extremely important part of the future development of rural Roane county?

Did I miss the the announcement of the formation of a work group on providing Broadband for the entire County?

If so, I'm sorry.

But other areas of the Country are way ahead of us in BB sevice penetration.

Your other point is a strawman. No one has mentioned financing. The County does control the franchise liscensing, however. That's the first place to study.

Didn't mean to make a strawman...

I hate 'em, too. So ignore it. I only brought it up because I mistakenly thought the next idea was that the county should somehow make sure everybody got BB access... but since that wasn't the idea, onward...

The fact that Comcast or a competitor does or does not do more about providing BB access in rural parts of the county is a non sequitur argument is stating what the county government does or does not recognize about BB access and its value. A non sequitur is as useless as a strawman.

What the county officials recognize does not govern what a CATV provider does. The county does control the franchise licensing, true enough. But the county can't control how many providers are willing to put cable into Roane county, and it can't control those providers finances so they'll be willing and financially able to put cable into the furthest reached of the county. The CATV providers make business decisions based on their own finances as to how far and under what conditions (of subscribership) they can afford to run cables. The county can't make 'em run cables where they can't get the cables paid for.

So let's say they punish Comcast (or a competitor) for not running cables all over the county by buying out or canceling their franchise contract. What's to compel another company to come into the county and provide the service that the county just kicked another provider out over?

I don't understand how much control over the CATV enterprise some folks thing the ocnty officials can exert.


Cable is not really broadband, and no options here are "fast"

Like satellite Internet access, cable Internet is not really broadband. It is more like a big party line. The more people are using it at once, the slower it gets. I know folks on cable who say it is far worse than dialup during busy periods. The same goes for satellite.

Even the DSL offered by AT&T to the lucky is not really fast Internet.

Remember the average speed in Japan is 60 Mbps, and many people in other modernized countries have 100 Mbps and faster. One lady in the UK got 4Tbps. I read of a Chinese pig farmer who had 25 Mbps, and this was some time ago.

However, it would be good to have the option of cable and DSL, slow and outmoded as they are, even if one has to pay for an additional dialup connection to get through the slowed-to-a-crawl busy periods.

I don't even dare to dream of getting up to the Internet level of a Chinese peasant.

DSL was invented in 1988, 19 years ago.

Read more: (link...)

-- OneTahiti

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