Ending Net Neutrality was a move to allow corporations to censor the internet. This is just as important as the concept of Freedom of the Press. Call them out on this!


Jan 23 2018
08:37 am

The opioid industry works hand in hand with the for profit prison industry to keep us enslaved. It's no secret that when the Tennessee legislature considered a proposal to let Tennesseans vote on legalized recreational cannabis they received huge payments from Big Pharma and Prison Corporations. We pay their salaries and lobbyists pay their campaign costs. We pay our taxes and they work for corporations. One time a couple of hundred years ago we had a revolution in this country over just such a thing. It was called...

"Taxation Without Representation!"

So why is this germane to Haslam's plan to fight opioids? Well it isn't an actual plan, just more cost to taxpayers for things we've been doing that haven't worked.

Educating children, making overdose-reversing drugs available to all state troopers and adding hundreds of prison beds to treat those fighting opioid addiction are part of Gov. Bill Haslam and legislative leaders' comprehensive $30 million proposal to combat the epidemic.

What has worked? Tight control over opioid prescriptions and legalized cannabis. Did you know this?...

One in four adults who are given an opioid prescription will become addicted. This very day, three people will die in Tennessee from opioid overdose.

Opioid use has dropped significantly in states with legal cannabis.

But until we take back control of our government from lobbyists we will never solve this problem.


Jan 22 2018
02:46 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Surprisingly, with last year's march having 4-5000 participants, I was not expecting the event to be as large or to see as many people from Roane County as I did. The crowd size, as estimated by Knoxville police, was over 14,000! That is by far the largest group ever assembled for a cause in Knoxville.


My other photos are here: (link...)

A good piece from "Inside of Knoxville" from a first hand report is Here: (link...)

This is a pretty fair read of what the actual issues are in regard to ending the shutdown. So far every bill offered by the GOP has a poison pill provision that Dems simply shouldn't support; funding the wall Mexico is supposed to pay for, sabotaging Obamacare, Immigration, or CHIP. So here's where we are...Dems want some kind of guarantee that Mitch McConnell is telling the truth, and that is a really high bar to jump over!


Jan 22 2018
10:41 am
By: WhitesCreek

Republicans control all three branches of government yet somehow it's Democrats' fault we have a shutdown? Our Reps and Senators have released statements blaming everybody but themselves. Chuck is right out there.

Included in the GOP budget plan was CHIP re-authorization on the condition that we spend $18 billion for Trumps wall that Mexico is supposed to pay for, which Chuck now blames Dems for not passing. The only CHIP bill Chuck voted FOR included a provision that sabotaged the Affordable Healthcare Act. It passed the House but not the Senate. So now we get this rhetoric that, of course, blames Dems for Republican situations.

Chuck Fleischmann...

“I cannot fathom how Senate Democrats, knowing the severity of the issues in question, acted with such insensitivity using our children and our military as pawns, putting party over country."

Oh and about that military pay thing Chuck is all over...Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to allow a vote on paying the military through the GOP-Trump shutdown tantrum. So it the Democrats fault the GOP shut down the government, refused to pay our troops, and took healthcare away from children? If we only had a responsible and honest media you wouldn't need people like me to tell you these things.

Jan 22 2018
08:25 am

Happiness is a warm military style automatic weapon in the hands of your crazy neighbor, I guess...

(Sen. Lee Harris of Memphis) said “devices like bump stock devices that can lead to mass carnage and mass shootings have no justifiable reason for sale or possession.”

But Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) said this:

As a Conservative, I have a responsibility to protect the Second Amendment rights of the hardworking men, women, and families of Washington County.

My opinion: The Constitution is supposed to serve Americans and keep us safe. The current right wing interpretation of the 2nd Amendment serves arms dealers and crazy people and endangers the general public. Neither I nor my neighbor need to have military style weapons that can kill hundreds of people within minutes. I'm a gun owner who supports the "well regulated militia".


Jan 19 2018
04:45 pm

I'm proud to announce Delbert McClinton coming to the Princess Theatre May 11th! More information here: https://princesstheater.blogspot.com/2018/01/delbert-mcclinton-coming-may-11th.html

Jan 17 2018
04:59 pm

But you wouldn't know it from their web site. This is from the FaceBook page:

Roane County Schools (TN) will be closed Thursday, January 18, 2018. Along with extremely cold temperatures in the morning, multiple roads throughout the county continue to cause concern for our buses. Please drive safely if you must travel.

I don't know if they realize it but not everybody lives on FaceBook and lots of people don't even have FB accounts.

Keep the web site current, People!

Jan 17 2018
09:42 am

Here's a little light reading for heavy thought. On this day where the white wolf of the northern winter prowls the deep south, you can find this...

And the white wolf -winter, hungry and frore,

Can prowl the North by a frozen door

But here we have fed him on bacon-fat

And he sleeps by the stove like a lazy cat.

And this...

These were your lovers in your buckskin-youth.
And each one married with a dream so proud
He never knew it could not be the truth
And that he coupled with a girl of cloud.

And now to see you is more difficult yet
Except as an immensity of wheel
Made up of wheels, oiled with inhuman sweat
And glittering with the heat of ladled steel.

All these you are, and each is partly you,
And none is false, and none is wholly true.

I forget how excellent and piercing Benet's epic poetry is. I think the lesson is that while people can battle to the death, ideas survive every war. Wicked ideas must be continually beaten again and again, and good people will die in the battles.

Here is John Brown's Body complete for you to read. There are thought jewels everywhere, even if you only taste snippets.


Jan 17 2018
08:32 am

It looks like the White Supremacists who support Trump are thinking they need to protest women's health issues since the overt racism angle is getting them some bad press.

Organizers for the Knoxville Women's March have changed the route and stepped up security measures after reports that white nationalists plan to protest the march this weekend....

...Last year's march in Knoxville drew about 5,000 participants waving signs denouncing Trump, homophobia and attacks on Planned Parenthood, among other issues...


Jan 16 2018
06:38 pm

These folks are doing great work for all of us on Watts Bar Lake. I strongly encourage everyone to join and support them. They are a reasoned citizens' activist group, without hyperbole or exaggeration.

Here's a snip from their recent email:

Winter is full-force and the water level in Watts Bar is low and fluctuating. This sever cold period will go a long way toward reducing the re-emergence of​ some invasive aquatic plant species. Also, if we receive significant rain events in the spring, the rapid water movement through Watts Bar Lake will also play a major role in reducing the severity of regrowth of some invasive species. However, they will re-vegetate most, ​if not all previously vegetated areas, the unknown is at what level and how rapidly.


The full email posted after the break...


Jan 16 2018
05:17 pm

From the Website:

No School 01.17.18

Due to continued snow accumulation and potential for icy conditions, Roane County Schools (TN) will be closed on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. If you must travel, please do so safely.

Roane County Schools TN will be closed on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, due to potential wintry weather.

Jan 15 2018
07:34 am

"...however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long, because "truth crushed to earth will rise again.
How long? Not long, because no lie can live forever." MLK

Would you do something helpful for someone else today?

Jan 14 2018
09:45 am

Via Humphrey:

“The fact that former Gov. [Phil] Bredesen got into the race for Sen. [Bob] Corker’s open seat has drawn a lot of interest from across the country, and it was a confidence booster,” said former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, a Democrat running to replace the term-limited Haslam in a state that has alternated between Democratic and Republican governors without fail since Republican Winfield Dunn replaced Democrat Buford Ellington in 1971.

“There is a feeling out there that people are looking for a change, that people are interested in pragmatism, common sense, [and] it makes the Democratic Party seem very viable, and very much kind of a centrist party.”

Just put my Karl Dean for Governor sticker on the car.

Karl Dean


Let's see how Flo deals with this "Revelation".


A non interested observer would have to admire how the Trumper spin machine deals with Stormy Daniels' claim that her relationship with Trump was "purely professional".

No giggling here, people, Trump has been proposing a military strike in North Korea to divert attention from this latest Trump scandal.

This is absolute madness.

Jan 12 2018
12:54 pm

Introducing kids to life underwater is “the most fun thing we do,” Shute says. They often take school groups and other groups of kids out to snorkel and observe. It’s a revelation to them, especially those who have spent almost no time outdoors.

“You aren’t interested in that which you’ve never seen,” Shute says. “I hope they remember it as they grow older and appreciate these places.”

JR and Pat

Jan 11 2018
08:31 am

That headline is a massive understatement. The story says this meeting took place in Rockwood but I have to wonder if that is correct?

A federal jury at Chattanooga on Wednesday morning heard a tape of racist remarks by former Pilot President Mark Hazelwood.

In the secretly recorded tape at a Pilot sales meeting in Rockwood, Tn., Hazelwood made fun of the Cleveland Browns owned by Pilot CEO Jimmy Haslam.

There were frequent references to the "N" word and playing of a country song using the "N" word repeatedly at the late night gathering that involved heavy drinking.

There were derogatory remarks about black residents of Cleveland as well as Oakland, Calif., home of another NFL franchise.


So for the Haslams is racism a "bug" or a "feature"?

Jan 10 2018
12:05 pm

I can't post a short quote that explains what this article profess. You have to read it, but here's a try:

It just so happens that nonprofit news organizations are perfectly optimized for that. They don’t have a shareholder or profit responsibility — they have a responsibility to a mission,” Voice of San Diego editor-in-chief Scott Lewis told me. “Thinking of journalism as an educational resource is a better way to anchor what we do.” The idea that the future of local news depends on recasting it as an essential public good came up again and again as I talked to people in the field. “The concept of journalism as an altruistic public benefit is key,”


Bottom line, shareholder profit incentives slant news and reporting. With the massive corporate mergers comes massively slanted reporting. There is no simple answer.

This only confirms what any astute observer already knew and the American Press ignored:

...testimony released today confirms what has always been clear. A business intelligence firm (contracted by a law firm which in turn was working for the Clinton campaign) hired a former British intelligence officer, with deep Russia experience, to look deeper at Donald Trump’s ties to Russia. What he found went well beyond fodder for political campaigns and made him worry that there was a genuine threat to US national security, either because Trump or people around him were conspiring with Russians or because Trump was or could be blackmailed. He took that information to the FBI. He had worked with the FBI before and they trusted his work.

The FBI’s response was basically, “Yeah, we know.” That overstates it a bit. But not much. The FBI was already getting tips and reports that something was afoot.


Jan 9 2018
11:30 am

Based on the founding fathers' claim that an educated electorate is necessary for a functioning democracy we offer some actual information for those willing to read and ponder.

Fact based opinions are one thing...The active and aggressive posting of lies and propaganda in the guise of an op-ed is something else. We really don't have time to post a correction for every Flo Charles lie you post but here's a bit on one of the big ones.

Trump colluded with Russia to save his financial bacon since no USA bank would loan him money. Hillary Clinton did not. Charles' breathless chanting of "Uranium One" as if it were a scandal is a lie on the face of it.

FactCheck.org: "...as we’ve written before, there is no evidence that donations to the Clinton Foundation from people with ties to Uranium One or Bill Clinton’s speaking fee influenced Hillary Clinton’s official actions. That’s still the case."

Here is a researched and reasoned piece from FactCheck.org that will explain more than anyone needs to know to clear Hillary Clinton's name.

And the refs made some pretty bad mistakes in the Al-Ga game.

Let's start with this, from the US Dept of Agriculture:

...more than half of farm households lose money on their farming operation in any given year.

The benefits of the tax bill went primarily to the upper 0.4% of farms. You know, the farms owned by big corporations.

Looking at this paper on the tax bill by the USDA we find that they somehow make the claim that losing money is a winner because the loss can be claimed as a deduction on the day job that most farmers have to hold in order to keep their farms. They also claim the obvious in that farmers will only make money when they give up farming and sell their farms to developers.

Then there's this incredible statement to the Farmers by Trump:

“Oh, are you happy you voted for me?... “Oh, you are so lucky I gave you that privilege.”

We have one sick puppy in the oval office.

Jan 8 2018
03:46 pm

New analyses of the tax law by economists at the Department of Agriculture suggest it could actually lower farm output in the years to come and effectively raise taxes on the lowest-earning farm households, while delivering large gains for the richest farmers. [...]
A model of the law’s effects on farm households by Siraj G. Bawa and James M. Williamson, of the Agriculture Department’s Economic Research Service, projects that 70 to 80 percent of the law’s benefits will flow to the top 1 percent of farm households by income.

The law actually shrinks tax refunds for the lowest-earning 20 percent of farm households, Mr. Bawa said in a session hosted by the Agriculture and Applied Economics Association. The reason stems from a combination of changes in the bill, including its elimination of a tax break for domestic production.

“The lowest quintile is actually getting a tax raise under this,” Mr. Bawa said.


Jan 8 2018
01:06 pm

This is the JUNO spacecraft's 10th flyby. 125 images were edited into a video format. Rainy day stuck in the house fun. Show this to the kids!


Jan 8 2018
09:10 am

We are seeing report of multiple bad wrecks on I 40, Hwy 27 and Hwy 70.

Jan 8 2018
09:01 am

“Republicans approve of the American farmer, but they are willing to help him go broke. They stand four-square for the American home — but not for housing. They are strong for labor — but they are stronger for restricting labor’s rights. They favor minimum wage — the smaller the minimum wage the better. They endorse educational opportunity for all — but they won’t spend money for teachers or for schools. They think modern medical care and hospitals are fine — for people who can afford them. They consider electrical power a great blessing — but only when the private power companies get their rake-off. They think American standard of living is a fine thing — so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.”

President Harry Truman in 1948

Jan 7 2018
08:26 pm

No School Monday, January 8, 2018

Roane County Schools TN will be closed Monday, January 8, 2018, due to the potential for hazardous weather conditions.


We told you so!

"Republican Legislator Blames Failure Of Insure Tennessee For Latest Rural Hospital Closure"

The rural county of 11,000 on the banks of the Tennessee River is represented in the state legislature by Republican Steve McDaniel, who says more folks on TennCare would have helped.

"I can tell you this, that if we had expanded the Medicaid program as Governor Haslam had proposed, this hospital likely would not have closed," McDaniel said.

Jan 4 2018
09:00 am

There is chaos in Iran and our President is in a "button" measuring contest with the dictator of a mostly irrelevent foreign country, thermonuclear war is on the table, and THIS is the number one top five headline from KNS:

"Now, Freedom from Religion group wants removal of desktop Nativity at AJ Building"

Eco Warriors and Politics

Science and Stuff

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.