Nov 18 2014
07:54 pm

The first two movies at the Princess have been scheduled, plus a great Holiday lineup of other entertainment.

"It's A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Snow" are coming up on December 12th and 20th.

Click on the blog link for more information.

Sep 11 2014
09:36 pm

Coming Saturday, September 20th at the Princess:

Aug 4 2014
12:01 pm

All the acts were great Saturday night, and had most everyone up on their feet!

The Tony Mason Memorial Scholarship fundraiser went off beautifully with lots of money being raised, and folks having a great time.

To see Roane County having fun go to the PRINCESS BLOG and scroll through the photos!

Jul 21 2013
03:44 pm

I don't think I've seen a Princess Theatre audience enjoy themselves anymore than the one Saturday evening. The Boy's Night Out, featuring C. Vaughn Leslie, and The TAMS rock'n rolled'em up and down the aisles!


Apr 9 2013
10:05 am

Tickets are on sale at Rocky Top General and Harriman Jewelry Exchange, or call 865-882-8867.

Proceeds go to support the Princess Theatre Foundation.

On Friday evening (7PM), December 21st, Dr. Eric Littleton, celebrated pianist, returns to the Princess for "A CELEBRATION OF CHRISTMAS MUSIC".


Oct 24 2012
03:18 pm

Erica Lane has booked our Princess on Dec. 7th at 8:00 PM, for her "The Romance of Christmas" show!


On September 1st at 2PM, Mel Clemmons will be hosting Roane County's Entrepreneurial Workshop and Motivational Seminar at the Princess Theatre!

This FREE event will be an action-packed, fun-filled, explosive, inspiring, skill-building event that will motivate you to dream big, achieve more, and provide you with the opportunity to network and learn from other entrepreneurs. There will be featured speakers whose knowledge and background expands across various industries.

That's Saturday, September 1st at the Princess Theatre located at 421 Roane Street, downtown Harriman, Tennessee.

See flyer on Princess blog!

Jul 13 2012
09:37 am

"Live From The Princess" starts this Saturday at 7! Tickets on sale at the door for only $5!


Jul 7 2012
10:10 am

Over the last few days, actors, directors, producers, and music writers have visited the Princess Theatre, as well as other potential film locations in Harriman.

Torry Martin, actor/comedian/writer, is co-writing a movie to be called "The Christmas Star" that would star our Princess Theatre.


Jun 18 2012
08:02 pm

Four of East Tennessee's best "storytellers" are coming to the Princess Theatre on Saturday, August 11th, at 7PM. So pass the word...they are coming!

The Princess Foundation presents Bill Landry, Sam Venable, Jim Claborn, with Elizabeth Rose - it's the "TALK IS CHEAP" tour! The storytellers will each take the stage and tickle your funny bone with stories from the East Tennessee area.


May 27 2012
11:29 am

The ladies went wild from the first moment Dennis Tufano stepped on stage. He may be my age now, but he has been taking better vitamins! He still had his youthful shape and energy, and he put his heart and soul into every song. He was dripping wet from the sweat he worked up entertaining the Princess audience.


There’s still time to get tickets and enjoy an evening of live music at the Princess Theatre, Thursday May 24th, 7 PM, in Downtown Harriman!

The entertainment will be a blend of “Golden Age” rock’n roll, blues, and beach music”!


I wasn’t the only photographer at the Grand Opening of the Princess Theatre on March the 22nd, as many of you who took a camera probably know. Me, being the principal historical photographer inside the theater, I knew others enjoying the opening that night had cameras, but I also knew I’d probably never get to see most of the photos shot.

Just this week I stumbled upon a series of photos that quickly struck me as being fantastic, and worthy of being documented here as part of the future legacy of the 2012 Princess re-opening. Those shots*, detailed below, were made by a local talented man, most of you know...Jason Mynatt! I really don’t know if I’ve ever met Jason, but I know Ken well, so he has to be a great person!




Check out a guest post on the Princess blog this week by Corey Reed. It just proves that "the dream" for the Princess Complex is coming true.

Corey is just one of the Roane State Students studying Mass Communications and getting "hands on" experience at the Channel 15 Studio, in Harriman.

Corey tells us why he decided on Mass Communications as a career path.


Mar 1 2012
11:35 am

A friend asked me the other day about the old drive-in that was where McDonald's is today. It don't seem possible to younger folks that a drive-in theater could possibly fit in the area next to the Exit 347 ramp, but one did back in the 50s!

I followed up by asking Dub Harmon what he remembered, and even though he couldn't remember full names, he could remember much of the timeline.

More history on the Princess blog!

Feb 28 2012
11:13 am

I was lucky enough to see the Princess in full color last night. Frank Sparkman was testing the lighting system by leaving them on all night last night.

Well, it isn't my best work...I'll do better next time, hopefully, however, she looks beautiful to me!

Expect to see or hear news soon of a Grand Opening in March!

Stay up to date on the Princess Blog...'course I'll post here as well!

Jan 27 2012
08:47 pm

On February 4th and again on March 3rd, Ruby Tuesday in Harriman, using their "Community GiveBack Program" that supports non-profit organizations, will give 20% of each meal purchased to the Princess Foundation. One-hundred percent of the money collected will be presented to the Foundation.

Customers wanting to participate in this wonderful opportunity to support the Princess Theatre project, must present their waitress with an official Ruby Tuesday flyer.

This flyer can be printed off the Princess Blog. CLICK HERE to be taken to the blog.

I would like to personally thank Ruby Tuesday for their support!

In advance, I also thank you for participating!

Jan 5 2012
03:36 pm

Ever wonder how the Princess became known as the Princess Theatre? That will be the subject of a WBIR "Why Do They Call It That?" historical segment on this Friday's "Live At 5 At 4" program. Be sure to watch!

For more on the subject, read the PRINCESS BLOG!

Oct 29 2011
07:24 pm

The Princess Dream is to make the Princess a unique educational tool that will prepare students who are interested in stage, sound, film, television, radio...all of the "media/theatre arts". The Princess, and the Channel 15 studio, will be a hands-on tool students can use as they do class study.

Some of Roane County's young leaders discussed what needs to happen this week.

Read more HERE!

If you would like to volunteer at the Princess, contact Wilma Mullins right away!

Sep 23 2011
10:26 pm

Torry Martin, Sandy Brownlee, and Denny Brownlee visited the Princess last week. The three, along with Marshal Younger, who will take a tour later, are looking for a “Princess” to star in their next movie called “The Christmas Star”, which centers around a small-town theater, coincidentally named “The Princess”. The group heard about our Princess through Muse Watson, who never misses a chance to spread the Princess gospel wherever he goes.

Read more on the Princess Blog.

Aug 3 2011
10:51 am

Owen Driskill, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Roane State Community College, has just announced the appointment of Megan Anderson as the manager of the "new" Princess Theatre!

This is a welcomed milestone in the progression of things to come for the Princess and Roane County.

See the full release on the PRINCESS BLOG!

May 17 2011
05:10 pm

Vera Scarbrough, Morgan County Educator and Princess Theatre Restoration Committee board member, organized a tour of the Princess Complex for Roane and Morgan County educators, who met at 1PM today in the Channel 15 Studio. The distinguished group listened intently as Harriman Mayor, Chris Mason, Bill Landry, Bill Radice, and architect Frank Sparkman laid out the plan forward for the "Princess Performing Arts, Education, and Conference Center".

Work on the auditorium may be complete by the end of June!

For more on this subject, please click on THIS LINK!

To see a larger version of this video CLICK HERE!

Nov 9 2010
07:21 pm

The current “Leadership Roane County” class, along with a group of long-time dedicated Princess supporters, came to the Princess Complex this past October to hear about “the dream” and tour the “under construction” Princess Theatre.

More at the PRINCESS BLOG.

We gathered Tuesday afternoon to listen to Muse Watson and Bill Landry share their visions of the “Princess Performing Arts, Education, and Conference Center”. I have been a believer in Roane County and the Princess for a long time, but discussions like this still get me excited. I just wish I could accurately convey the “dream” that is coming true for us all.

The new resource for Roane County will be communications,” Bill Landry tells people he meets. He understands that the Center will bring a boost to the local economy as its services get underway, but more importantly, the Center will provide an opportunity to our young people for generations to come.

The programs in arts and communications that Roane State is starting will have a “hands on” facility to enhance the classroom study. Working in a “real” radio and television studio, and producing “live” stage shows will provide our children with the confidence and experience they need to pursue careers in these areas of study. Not only will they gain professional experience in the radio and television media, they will also have had experience in sound, lighting, and stage production. It is one thing to have experience in single area of the arts, but to be able to include such a broad area on their resumes will be invaluable to them.

We are creating a need and creating economy,” Muse told us. The Princess Center will have a need for radio and television technicians and management staff. The live shows from the new expanded stage of the Princess Theatre will need sound and lighting personnel, actors, stage and set designers, as well as producers and directors. The Princess will be a place for our young people to “sprout and grow”! They will fill jobs in the industry across the nation and more and more people will come to Roane County to study and follow their dreams.

The Princess will become a ‘sound space’ too,” Muse pointed out. Muse recounted his first time inside the Princess Theatre, and how he began to sing “The Impossible Dream”. He could not believe the acoustics! Once again music will be performed and recorded inside the Princess. The facility will be fitted with “state of the art” sound equipment.

There is so much musical talent in this area,” Muse continued. The Princess will be a place for young voices to hone their skills and for older folks to continue their love of music, and we, the people of Roane County, will reap the benefits of this entertainment.

Our original commitment was to supplement our school’s education programs,” Muse said smiling, “and will see this dream come true!

The classes that Roane State will be offering in the arts will match those third and fourth year classes at Middle Tennessee State, and other colleges. Our students will have the advantage of “first hand” experience in “live” studios and on stage.

Already many groups and organizations are expressing a desire to move their shows and productions to the Princess venue. There have been expressions of interest from churches, gospel groups, bluegrass and blues bands, Arts in Motion Dance Studio, and many festivals.

Instead of looking at the TVA grant as a blessing, many people still want to blame the Princess program for something it couldn’t help. They would have preferred the $1.7M be given to the people of Roane County. That would mean our 7,000 residents would have gotten a check for $250; enough maybe to buy a month’s worth of groceries.

So why don’t we rejoice in the endowment to our future the “Princess Performing Arts, Education, and Conference Center” will provide. The Center will continue giving back to Roane County this investment for generations to come. The event and the decision were made for us, so let’s enjoy it!

More photos at the PRINCESS BLOG, and HERE!

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.