May 8 2008
12:07 pm

What do you know...All references to GLBT and Clothing Optional are now gone! Did they suddenly decide to change their business model?


Update: Several folks have told me that they have talked or exchanged emails with someone at the "resort." I'm guessing it is for real and not just a scare tactic to get somebody to buy them out.

The best comment was, "We have between $40 and $60 Million dollars in school needs and a haywire $10 million jail project and you don't hear much of a peep out of folks, but let gays and lesbians threaten to take their clothes off at a private resort..."

From Knoxville Talks:

Just got off the phone with Mike Farmer… Roane County’s Mayor.

We talked for a bit about the proposed campground just across the Clinch River from Kingston. He sounded like he’s tired of talking to people on the telephone about. Can’t blame him I guess! Anyway, his concerns are similar to what the neighbors have about what originally marketed itself as a “clothing optional” adult campground for the GLBT community. Farmer is most worried about the infrastructure surrounding the area. The road leading to the campground property is really only wide enough for one vehicle and the noise/traffic/utilities that a large campground would require would likely not fly. He seemed to think the Planning Commission will be listening to the community, but, as he pointed out, you never know.


Another interesting bit… Roane’s planning commission has actually taken the time to print off copies of the request for zoning change and the Rosebud Lodge’s website. They have a stack of them just sitting on the counter in their offices… Anyone who’s ever dealt with getting paperwork knows how unique that is. They say since word hit the street about the campground, it’s been nothing but phone calls and people rushing in to get the very latest, most want to know what they can do to stop it

Mike is wrong about the road

I drove out there yesterday and it's a decent two lane road by this county's standards...Winding through a nice neghborhood of diverse homes, ranging from the very modest to the not so modest at all.

Besides, traffic to a place like this doesn't let out like a ball game, but is more one or two cars at a time, at the most.

I'm more concerned about the privacy issue for the neighbors than anything else.

And now the Developer changes his

Wednesday, the developer changed his original website and now says it wasn't an accurate depiction of what he wants to build.

"It was all done in haste, the website was," said Gary Foster, an Ohio native and developer. "It presented the wrong idea of what we were trying to do in the first place."

Instead, he says the $2-million campground will cater to everyone. He doesn't plan to specifically cater to the gay community but says they will be welcome.

"Let me assure you, the Rosebud will not be a gay, nudist campground," he said.

Neighbors and others still aren't going to let development happen without a fight.

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