Jan 5 2014
02:39 pm

One night I just had to ask. "Oh yeah, that's the Everly Brothers," the barkeep answered, shaking a rag in the direction of the snap. "They used to live around here."

This is a great read!


My brother told me that our

My brother told me that our mother had taught Phil at Tyson the year before he went to West High School. It was a few years before my time so I can't really confirm it. My mother had never mentioned it to me before, but I have no reason to doubt my brothers statement.

Well, I now have reason to

Well, I now have reason to doubt my brother's memory. I questioned some of my other older siblings and the time line just doesn't match. My mother didn't start teaching till around 57, there is no way possible that Phil could have been one of her students. Should have done my research before my first post.

No worries. I have learned

No worries. I have learned that my own memory needs to be fact checked at times, though not as badly as some in my family.

If you find somebody...

... at or around our age whose memory does NOT need to be fact checked from time to time, and I'll owe you a nice cool beverage! :-)


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