Medical Marijuana Bill In TN

Submitted by WhitesCreek on January 4, 2014 - 5:49pm.

Couldn't we just skip this step and go straight to the Colorado situation where it is heavily taxed, regulated, and legal?


I will support This ,

I am not scared of support.This....will this help -or hurt.this war on meth/pills- abuse.our frist President,did grow nexted 2 his cherry tree.i know it will help with new jobs.and taxe,my question is should some one That has a handgun carry permit, will be subject 2 giveing up thear right to protect thear home,and a driveing under DUI, laws,and the rules 4 drugg testing i can see why no one wants to talk about This,,

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Some numbers

Deaths per year in America...

Tobacco 400,000

Alcohol 50,000

Marijuana 0

So which one is illegal?

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