Jan 3 2014
06:04 pm

Kim Nelson for Circuit Court Judge

Randy Ellis for Court Clerk (Kim Nelson's current job)

Mike Farmer for County Executive

Wicks and Humphrey for General Sessions Judge (incumbents)

Must have been fixed. When

Must have been fixed. When I clicked it the link took me to all the offices up for election.

It now goes to a PDf file

It now goes to a PDf file but not who picked up a petition as it did in Tony Brown years.

If you say so. It shows

If you say so. It shows people who aren't current office holders so I would assume those are the people who have picked up petitions. And while I will admit I haven't looked at the site religiously but it looks exactly like I remember it even when Brown was there. It was always in PDF form when I looked at it under Brown. But I'm sure if a democrat was in charge of the office you wouldn't have a complaint (tongue in cheek).

I correct mistakes, RV

And when I disagree with some one or agree with someone in the public interest it doesn't matter whether they are a D or an R. Ask Dennis or Lincoln. It's always about what is best for the most in my view. Here's the link to the PDF of candidates so far:


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