Mar 5 2013
04:54 pm

Under the guise of fixing Memphis and Shelby County Schools a bill has been working its way through to give the state power to approve charter schools over a local school Board 's objections. Now that just got changed in committee and the state can shove a charter school down everybody's throat. Does Kent Calfee or Ken Yager have the courage to stand up for us?


Here's the money quote:

As proposed, a new nine member panel (three each appointed by the Governor, the Senate Speaker and the House Speaker) with a hired executive director can approve or deny a charter school application that has been turned down by a local school board. If approved, the charter school then becomes a "state charter" not accountable to the local school board.


Unpopular as it may be, I think if it is passed for one it should be passed for all. These bills for one place always trip somebody or something up. If it is sauce for the goose it is sauce for the gander.

I think this is an outrage!

As it stands, if passed it will mean that a charter school can be denied by the Roane County School Board and then apply to a state board whose members are appointed by Haslam, Ramsay, and Harwell. Then that board can approve the charter school which becomes a state charter school but will take Roane County tax money to operate. I'd like to see Calfee or Yager justify that.

Death Panel for Public Schools

HB 702

Isn't this the bill or similar bill that Yager denied knowing anything about/or had no interest in discussing at the meeting at RCHS a couple of weeks ago?

This bill is an outrage

Whether just for Nashville and Memphis, or for all of us, this very bad bill is an insidious attempt at a big-government power grab at the expense of our state's children and our public schools.

-- OneTahiti


I'm not for the bill, but I get sick of the state trying to micro-manage local government's problems. This bill seems to be more "enforcer" tactics than good legislation. Is is trying give charter schools help, or is it a threat to the public school systems to give them the charter? I am in the gray area on the benefit of charter schools, so it isn't a matter of for or against..I really think parents should have an alternative if their child is in an underperforming school, and they can't afford private school, or are unable/incapable of homeschooling.

Senator Yager did claim to

Senator Yager did claim to know nothing about this bill when he spoke to teachers. I hace a difficult time believing that, given the staggering amount of money being spent on the lobbying effort. It's not like him to not get his share.

Let's note something in this debate: Charter Schools have been shown to be a dismal failure on nearly all levels. The only thing they are successful at is sucking money away from the local school systems.

And another thing...Why has

And another thing...Why has the Roane County News maintained complete silence on this important issue? We get a front page story on Leon Houston choosing to be his won lawyer, our Manson Family connection not getting a parole, and absolutely nothing on this major usurpation of local School Board authority.

Coupla Things, There, WC...

1. Do we know someone has made them aware of the issue and its ramifications for local public schools?
2. They do have a writer who wrote at least one of the stories to which you refer to loves to waste "journalistic" space rehashing as much old garbage as possible. The Houstons are a good example: any time one of them takes a dump, not only do we hear about the dump in microscopic detail, but space is taken up rehashing and opening old wounds in giving virtually every detail about the shooting in 2006, the gory details of that, and how they received no time for that, etc, etc ad nauseum. I'm thinking some of that energy could be redirected.


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