Roane County School Board (RCSB) meeting reveals the truth about the request made in an amendment rejected by the County Commission (CC). In a clear and concise presentation by the RCSB Financial Director, the funds requested to pay for (see below) in an amendment request WOULD NOT HAVE RESULTED in a Tax increase nor any funds from the County.

Janitorial Services
Liability Insurance

The RCSB funds were requested from the School's fund balance which is approximately 10% (State requires 3% fund balance). The Commission, under the direction of the Budget Committee and the County Executive Woody, lead the commission (and public) to believe there would be an added tax burden on the County. THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION.

The Schools simply asked to move $ from their own fund balance. In an effort to meet the expenses, the RCSB agreed to take $ from another line item (salaries).

Two years ago, County Ex Woody did not want to fund school buses and demanded the schools use their fund balance. Now, County Ex Woody leads the commission to not use their fund balance. Why?

NOW FOR THE JUICY PART: When Cnty Ex Woody was the finance director of RCSB, he requested numerous Amendments, including one in the range of $500,000.

Never in the history of one RCSB member's 28 years of serving has a Budget Amendment been denied, to his memory.

This is down right pathetic!

Blount County just got a huge employer to commit to Blount county delivering 500 Tech jobs with an avg salary of $100,000/annually. Our County has the opportunties yet without the support of our politicians to to support our schools, we will end up in a very unfavorable light for potential employers. Think about it...who wants to move their family to Roane County, open a huge business here, when the CC, under the direction of Cnty Ex Woody fights every effort made by the Financial Director and Director of Schools.

Something needs to change and it is not the RCSB.

Wish Cnty Ex Woody had the nerve to show up at the RCSB meeting. That would have been the appropriate thing for he and the no voters to do.

Courage to lead includes communicating the real facts, not fictional implications due to a personal agenda.

There you go...Damon has it all on his recorder; will be interesting to read the article.

We are SUNK without our schools being #1 and our RCSB has been very fiscally responsible.

More and more

More and more I am looking for Woody to be a one term CE. I was a little puzzled that as a former employee of the BOE (and at the time highly thought of by the BOE) would be aware of the situation and as CE would have helped the BOE to explain it at Commission meeting. Of course, the BOE reps should have been quick to point out at the full Commission meeting that it was from their "pot" of money to begin with.
Maybe he got "above his raising" when he went to CTAS.
Many missteps by both parties on this one.

The County Commission knows

The County Commission knows the 'fund balance' is the School stash of cash.

There is a very deep rooted resentment of Mr. Woody directed toward the the school board. It is a power-play, if you will.

Remembering a conversation had with Mr. Woody when he first took office and told me how he did not like the salary paid to the CFO of the schools coupled with many personal attacks on Mr. Woody and Mr. Farmer, and my not knowing Mr. Woody at all, led me to believe then & supported with his actions, there is a personality of power at hand.

I agree: one term --- one and done. If one starts surveying their friends, family, and voters of Roane County, one and done is very evident, assuming voters vote.

County Fiscal officers working with State to take over contrl

There is a bigger issue at hand. Mr. Woody is leading an effort, at the State level, to have our State government turn over financial control to the Counties. This is a horrifically frightening effort as financial directors of schools are far more geared to management the funds of the schools than County governments.

The County officials are elected, and this appears to be a way for the County Governments across our state to increase their own financial status with earned interest, etc.

We must support our schools, call our elected State officials and demand they do not vote in favor of a ridiculous and foolish piece of legislation.

Do you really want your politicians at the County level monkeying control over the School's financial interest? Lordy, imagine!

Amazing what one learns at at School Board meeting

The County Commission should send the county commissioners to the School board meetings. It is amazing to learn the truth v. interpretation provided by the Budget Committee which is lead by the Roane Cnty Ex Woody.

I urge each and everyone to get involved with our School Board, go to the meetings, and be pro-active. I regret that I had not been engaged previously.

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