Feb 12 2013
03:48 pm

Sunday night, volunteers from the West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department saved my aged mother. She had gone outside to the porch to feed the cat, then fell down and hit her head and couldn't get up.

The volunteers arrived within a few minutes, got her to her feet, and offered medical assistance. We could not have imagined a faster response.

I want to give a big thank you to the amazing, wonderful, and selfless men and women who volunteer fire and emergency services here in West Roane!

-- OneTahiti

Wonderful news!

I had somehow missed this, but I am SO thankful that a timely response was able to intervene successfully!

Best wishes for a speedy and as complete as possible a recovery for your mother!



According to the doctors in Oak Ridge, my mom is fine except for a big lump on her head and a few bruises and scrapes. :)

Many thanks again to the West Roane VFD!

-- OneTahiti



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