Jan 31 2013
07:32 am

I can't think of anything more dangerous in the long run. Senators would answer to the political machine and no longer have to answer to the people. Stacey Campfield isn't the only nut job in our State Legislature.


Back and forth

I go back and forth on this. Just having the "party" nominate doesn't appeal to me, but if they close the primaries it won't matter. I'm not registered with either party and can't foresee ever being anything but an Independent. But the primaries are a "money talks and BS walks" event, and that is across the board. I am often amazed at who comes out on the top of the heap. So I guess for me I will be watching it closely.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.