Jan 10 2013
08:24 am

Knoxville businesses have an opportunity to save money on light bills and get up to $2,000 in incentives toward more efficient lighting under a new TVA/KUB program.

The Tennessee Valley Authority launched its MainStreet Efficiency pilot program Monday...

Let's get this going right here in Roane...


I know my memory is sometimes faulty, but...

.. if I recall correctly, one of the recent projects in Kingston (behind RCN's pay wall) included the use of greener, efficient lighting in one or more of their projects. So, at least somebody is putting the foot in the door in Roane, even if it is in a town where the mayor is regarded as evil in these pages. I think I recall hearing Harriman Mayor Chris Mason speak of wanting to move in this direction as well.


There's been a group of

There's been a group of folks who have been pushing this for years, Save Roane's Starry Skies, I think. Roane County has made tentative steps in that direction.


I had forgot about that group...

... but yep - I remember their efforts. Just keep on pushing...


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