Jan 10 2013
08:14 am

Does anyone seriously think Roane County has more sex offenders than Knox County? So why does the KNS make us the story?

"U.S. Marshals help in Roane County sex offender checkup"

I see your point, WC

But I believe there's more than one way to look at the article.

One is that Roane County and not some other county was having this specific enforcement sweep. That doesn't necessarily imply there are more sex offenders in Roane County. It does, however, say that Roane County takes it seriously and is actively pursuing the issue. That, IMHO, is a plus for Roane County citizens, and should give them some measure of both pride and comfort.

It may be tied to the fact that Sheriff Jack Stockton has recently appointed one of his high ranking officers specifically to head up efforts to make sure those folks who do live in Roane County are properly and accurately registered and tracked. That shows a proactive stance by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the county.

Such actions and headlines about said actions MAY make it somewhat of a deterrent for sex offenders to believe they can live and act as they please in Roane County. It could carry the message that if they want to misbehave in their established unlawful ways, they might want to consider doing it somewhere else. That is, again, a positive thing for Roane County's law abiding citizens.

Just some different considerations.


I get your point RB

But, I've been seeing a trend in the KNS that goes back to the Houstons episode. If you were to take a poll of Knoxvillians and ask them to describe Roane County in one word I suspect it would be less than flattering. We need to work on that.

I understand, WC

Absolutely true. If they hadn't been so pointed in one direction with many other pieces including Roane County, this most recent one would have probably been nothing but positive.


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