Dec 22 2012
05:32 pm

This is going to be fun! Mean Mary was a musical child prodigy appearing on music tv shows starting at the ripe old age of six. We've seen the video. Now she has her own Nashville reality TV show about the trials and tribulations of a performing professional musician...Herownself.

Mary is a master of nearly a dozen instruments and has an evocative voice. Her life story is one of challenges met and conquered, all written into her songs. I could ramble on but why do that when you can check her out right now? Here's Mean Mary and her Christmas song, Ding Dong Day. Go watch and listen. I'll wait right here.

Pretty amazing, right? Youtube is full of her music. Her banjo/mandolin/guitar is nothing short of wonderful. Mary will be at Market Street the Friday after Christmas, or the Friday before New Years if you'd rather think of it that way. Her videographer accompanies her so if you show up you may wind up with a cameo on reality tv, but it won't be a "mean" one.
Here's more Mean Mary just to get you fired up.

Mary will be on WDVX's Blue Plate Special while she is in our area. We'll let you know when so you can catch her performance. In the mean time, check your busy holiday calendar and let us know if you can join us for Mean Mary at Market Street.

Friday Dec 28
Social hour starts at 6, music at 7, we're done at 9:30.
BYOB and BYO food. We serve music and nothing else...Well, water if you need it.


Music at Market Street combines our serious affection for singer songwriters, live performance of original music, and socializing with our friends and families. We started it up in the Spring of 2012 on a whim. The idea was to have a family friendly atmosphere where we could chat and visit, share food and adult beverages if we so choose, and listen to some of the best music in Tennessee. So far it's working. We meet new people every week and folks are now driving out from Knoxville and other far flung places to experience their favorite artists in a small room with great acoustics. The only complaint we ever hear is "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?"

The people who play for us are very good. They write and record songs and are excellent musicians. We tend to be heavy on Americana genre but we recently had R&B virtuoso Jason Eskridge, so good music is good music. Most of our artists are suggested by the artists who have played at Market Street, on the theory that musicians know music. So far everyone has been better than good. We also pester artists we like after hearing them on stage at one venue or another and we try to get people you would have to go to the Bijou, Jammin' at Hippie Jack's music festival, or someplace like that to hear. They bring their CD's and other stuff for purchase. We pay artists all we can and, after expenses, donate any extra to charities we like. We take no money ourselves.


Market Street is located just to the left of Food City at Ladd Landing in Kingston. The official address is 1000 Ladd Landing Boulevard, Kingston, TN.

Take Exit 352 then left and go one half mile north (left off I 40 away from Kingston proper). Turn right into Ladd Landing at the 3 way stop and then the first left into the shopping center and there we are.

Questions? or day of the show: 865-603-6981

Mean Mary on WDVX

Mary James (She's not really mean) will be on WDVX Friday Dec 28 on the Blue Plate Special at noon. (link...)

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