Dec 17 2012
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We know there are homeless folks in our county. What will it take to establish a shelter here?

It apparently takes a lot of

It apparently takes a lot of work and community and church support. Blount County has twice the population and appears to depend heavily on churches to assist the homeless. They also apparently depend on Knox County as well.

From 2011 KNS article, Homeless family finds help in Blount County.

From 2011 Daily Times article, Invisible Lives: Who are Blount County's Homeless?

Tennessee Valley Commission to End Homelessness

Notice on their resources by county page, Roane County is not listed. Counties with smaller populations are listed, e.g. Claiborne, Cocke, etc.

It does take "a lot of work and community support"

To my knowledge Roane County had two shelters at different times in recent years. Pathways in Rockwood was "transitional housing" run for some years by the Knoxville Catholic diocese. It finally was closed. Then the Refuge (web address across from Kroger's behind Patterson's tried, but soon closed as well.

How many of us took the time to call frequently to see what their current needs were, then did what we could to meet them? How many of us here donated regularly?

-- OneTahiti


... was also in Harriman, before it was in Rockwood, I believe. The Harriman site had problems with the building it was in not being able to get up to codes. Catholic Charities, run by the Diocese of Knoxville, ran out of sufficient funds to continue running Pathways and had to close it. Today they still run a service that is to find temporary transitional housing primarily for women or women with children who must leave a domestic situation for their own safety.

What does it take? Two things: 1) money, and 2) people willing to work cooperatively together. Make that 3 - a little more money.



Of course Pathways was in Harriman first. My apologies for any lack of clarity. :)

It is always so good to read your posts. I hope you are staying warm and well.

-- OneTahiti

Same back atcha!

Well, I believed it was Harriman first because I remember our church provided some support for Pathways inhabitants during their sojourn at Pathways. The location they were in - which was in some basement apartments under what used to be Miller & Brewer in Harriman - came out of code compliance over time and with various modifications to the building. And doing the work to comply with newer codes was not something that the owner was willing to do nor did Catholic Charities have the funding to do it. That, if I remember correctly, was when the move happened to Rockwood.

In any case, it was a sad day when they had to close Pathways Shelter. It had served well, and its services are more needed now than they were then.

I am staying warm and well and am most fortunate. I hope you are doing the same and will do so throughout the winter!

Always is MY pleasure to hear from you!


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