Dec 14 2012
08:21 am

With a water bill for the Roane County jail running over $20,000 in a single month, there should be ample areas for cost cutting to fund this job adequately.

Roane County Executive Director Ron Woody says he only has "in the low thirties" to pay someone for this important position. A quick check of salary ranges around the country show that to be below the minimum range reported by most municipalities:

"As of June 1 2011, salary data for parks and recreation directors in all industries ranged from $32,511 to $88,014, with bonuses ranging from about $200 to $20,000. For the 27 percent of female directors, salaries ranged from $39,582 - $58,000, while salaries for males averaged as high as $69,998."

Along with good schools, parks and recreation rank among the top reasons businesses locate in an area. A well functioning parks program is essential to the livability of a community. Find the money and let's get a qualified and competent person for this important position in our county.

HHS poverty thresholds

It would be nice if such an important post at least paid enough to keep a family off public assistance. See: (link...)

-- OneTahiti


Is the house still part of the salary/benefit package? I know Tony Brown did not use it, and it was used for other events, so I was wondering if it was still available as a residence for the new director.

No. The house has been

No. The house has been converted to offices and a very good meeting room or two.

Well, I don't think that

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I suspect that keeping the park areas sustainable, safe, beautiful, useful and within budget is a lot more work than one might think.

-- OneTahiti

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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