We saw one obvious Geminid

We saw one obvious Geminid in 30 minutes. They are slow and leave a bit of a trail. I'd wait until 10 pm or so, if I were you. Bundle up.

Just went out for about five

Just went out for about five minutes at around 8:40 and saw two bright ones. Back yard, suburbia, lots of light pollution. Bailed out on going up in the mountains because it's cold and it's a school night. Hoping for a decent backyard show later.

Half dozen

We saw around 6 or so within 5 minutes at around 10:30, even with substantial light pollution. It's a beautiful night for this event.

We saw several during the

We saw several during the night, but we only ventured out in spurts. I saw one from our living room window, and Mrs. Creek saw one while lying in bed during the night. We don't have much light pollution and lots of windows. If only we could see through the roof.

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