Dec 11 2012
03:28 pm
By: onetahiti

Until recently, I wanted wine to be sold in grocery stores. It seemed like the sensible thing to do. Then I read an article on British drinking and our alcohol industry, and thought again. The piece is worth a read: (link...).

-- OneTahiti

Interesting Article

From several aspects. I wonder about the differences between GB and the rest of the UK. The writer writes at some times as if the UK as a whole is the point of the aritcle, then at other times wording seems to indicate GB - i.e. England. Wonder which it is? And they aren't all the same.

I also wonder about other European countries. Does freedom of access necessarily translate into the same issues/problems in, say, Germany or France? Or The Netherlands, or Belgium? If not is the relationship revealed in this article one of correlation but not a necessary causative relationship? Existence of a relationship does not imply a causative relationship, merely a relationship.

Lots of questions, and few answers.



GB/Britain is England, Scotland and Wales (i.e., the big island).
The UK includes GB plus Northern Ireland.

Semantics aside, I couldn't make myself read past the first couple pages of that article. I agree with your second paragraph, RB. The author needs to brush up on cause-effect relationships. Wonder if he thinks our drug problems are due to vertical integration of the meth industry?

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