Dec 11 2012
09:24 am
By: WhitesCreek

Did you know there's a "Talent Buyer of the Year" award?

I don't usually watch these things, even though there's the occasional awesome performance amongst the drivel. I do check out the winners list afterwards and see who won. I admit to keeping up with Lady Antebellum because David Haywood's Dad and I go way back and played in a group through high school and college. David sent the Lady A bus back to Augusta to pick up his Dad, Grandfather and other family members and bring them to their Xmas special in Nashville, a few days back. David is doing pretty well these days.

I usually check out the musician awards. They never get a prime time showcase but they are the real worker bees behind the flashy singers. Most of them are guns for hire, so to speak, as is this year's guitarist, Kenny Greenberg. Just for fun you can go to his web site and listen to some of his own songs. I couldn't believe he owned up to having a Silvertone amp. There are pictures of me in front of one from back in 1966. I'm so embarrassed, and no, I will not be posting them. Check out Greenberg when you have a chance. There's some great music to be had like this but I certainly don't think it's country.


This is Country guitar (s)

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