Dec 9 2012
07:50 pm
By: betterbizbetty

Did they listen or was it purely a business maneuver?

The RCNs changed their mast head, logo and the width of the paper. The article about the change says their mission remains the same - "to be the primary source of local news for Roane County." However, the thin 10 page paper feels light on community news to me. The KNS often beats the RCN with real community news happening in Roane County. KNS, BBB, and RV are my primary sources with a quick read of the RCN to see which direction the wind is blowing. I even buy the DNE when I see a good article that the RCNs has ignored.

Here's hoping their New Year’s resolution will usher in a renewed commitment to achieve their stated mission. Best wishes to them during this Holiday season. Mega conglomerates are people too.

I've also witnessed

real newsworthy events or topics ignored by the RCN. One such story, still unpublished, is partly personal. It's about my effort to shine the light on blatant corruption within the Roane County Juvenile Court system. The two young children (ages 5 and 7) who I've been trying to help have been brutally abused FOR YEARS by their biological parents, their boyfriends, girlfriends, and other adults. Amazingly, the mother and father have been given visitation rights despite mountains of evidence of both physical and emotional abuse inflicted on these two Roane County children. The two abused boys are frightened every day of their lives, as is their guardian. They have no voice in Roane County.

Along with Roane County Juvenile Court officials, certain Department of Children's Services caseworkers and attorneys are also guilty of ignoring evidence and obstructing justice. The rule of law was ignored and due process was mocked at the May, 1, 2012 court hearing in which I was a principal.

Calling the above-mentioned court hearing a Kangaroo Court would be an insult to kangaroos. Stories such as court-ordered child abuse need to be investigated.

It's getting lonesome here.

But I realize your readership may be mostly middle-class and have been fortunate enough not to have any experience with the juvenile court and DCS fiefdoms in this area.

Not two and a half hours after my above post Monday morning a Roane County policeman was at our front door to issue me a summons to appear in court the next morning at 9:00am. Oh, and the summons/notice of retaliation didn't even bother to mention the reason I was being summoned. I've never been in trouble before. My reputation in my own country is impeccable. Sorry, I believe Tennessee may still in the union. Suffice it to say the result of my time before bench ended unjustly, to put it politely.

The 2 children are still not safe. Same goes for their grandmother, their guardian. To cap off the day the judge ordered me, virtually the only person trying to help the children, not to contact the children or their guardian. The above is my sanitized version, since my previous post Monday morning resulted in a bizzare and probably illegal summons.

With no time to acquire representation before my 9:00am appointment with the offended authorities, naturally I could not say anything, refute the falsehoods presented by a DCS attorney.

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