Holding dual roles at different levels of government has some advantages, Beets said. Often the challenges faced by the county and the city are interconnected. Having a perspective at both levels makes it easier to understand complex issues, he said.

Roane County executive Woody agreed that there are positive aspects to holding multiple offices.

Knowledge of the subject matter and the motivation of the elected official are important factors in good political decision-making, he said.

"The people with the most knowledge of the situation usually make the best decisions," he said.

The flip side is that people with the wrong motivation can use their knowledge for the wrong purposes, Woody said.

According to Beets the specific responsibilities of the positions are important to consider, Kingston has a "weak mayor" by description of the city charter, he said.


For what it is worth

For what it is worth, I am opposed to anybody holding multiple elected positions, period. I also have heartburn when a person serves to an appointed position that can put them in direct or indirect conflict with other jobs/positions. It just seems to me it makes the "I'll wash your hand if you'll wash mine" type of favoritism.

Beets all I every heard

There are too many good people that want to be involved in our community. We don't need to consolidate the power in one person. Sure, they may think that they know best and maybe they do at times, but representative government is just that - representative. Being a representative is not necessary about having the most knowleldge, it also includes listening to those who know in addition to those that are affected.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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