Nov 13 2012
05:53 pm

A Roane County News article says Roane County spends more than the state average on our schools. That's misleading, in that it actually means we spend a little higher than the average percentage of the County's revenue on schools. An eighth grader can tell you those two numbers cannot be compared with any relevancy. How much do we spend per pupil in this county? If it is a little above the state average, so what? We have lousy performance overall for the money. Find the "Top 100" schools in our region and guess what...They spend 50% more per pupil what we do.

On top of that our standards are pitiful and do not serve our students. We get a D in science standards:


The report for Tennessee is attached.

2012-State-Science-Standards-Tennessee.pdf162.67 KB

Quote from the overview...

The Tennessee standards contain islands of strength, but these get lost amid the overwhelming sea of disorder and confusion that more often characterizes the document. Furthermore, every discipline is missing critical content, some of them egregiously so. How this material could serve to build a rigorous K-12 science curriculum is difficult to imagine.

Unspoken in all this is that we allow church dogma to trump science in this state.

Unspoken in all this is that

Unspoken in all this is that we allow church dogma to trump science in this state

What "church dogma" would that be? Creationism vs. Evolutionism? That argument won't answer why 8th graders that don't know their multiplication tables beyond the 2's can somehow make A's in our middle schools. Nor does it address the problem with critical thinking skills, logic, knowledge of history, and don't even get me going on anything to do with science. Oh! But if a child needs advice on how to go against their parents, or how to play the government against their parents, or even where to get condoms, well in these areas our schools are right there, johnny on the spot.

You know? I suspect that when the Federal Government throws money at something, they get exactly what they pay for. Considering the state of our schools, I would have to say this must be exactly what our all powerful, gracious, and beneficent "majority rule democracy" has wanted all along.

If, you want to see actual education where Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic were still taught, you might just have to go back to when certain aspects of our culture were not verboten. Do you doubt? Ask anyone what an "Adjectival Paraphrastic", or what a "Periphrastic" is {sure, you can ask some English teachers if you like }. Or, if you're really daring you might go into a convenience store and ask the cashier to "count back" your change.

Perhaps I've wandered a bit. So what "church dogma" were you actually talking about, that hasn't been banned though there is a "Supreme Law of the Land" that says that, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;..."

Odd how all I see in this is that in matters of religion there is a wall of separation keeping the government out of the churches and our faith, but I don't see the reciprocal aspect represented to keep our faith out of the government; but it is this reciprocal that I hear/see hammered at us from so many politicians and media outlets. Is this arrived at by assumption? I have to admit, I've never understood this "separation of church and state" thing from this perspective. Care to lead a poor blind man into the light?


Don't get me started on the subject of math in our schools.

-- OneTahiti

Grin - somehow I KNEW that was coming ;-)

I knew my favorite OneT would pick up on that.


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