Nov 7 2012
11:40 am
By: RoaneBooster

Well, Jack lost the race. But I hope he won't stay away from future races.

On a personal level I agree with Jack on some things and I disagree with him on some things. But he ran a totally clean race. He ran an informative race - we all knew pretty clearly what Jack stands for and what we could expect out of him. He's a stable person who is a real servant - and this can be seen in the way he's lived his life, not just in what he says. I beleve he DOES care about people the way he says he does, and that's because actions speak louder than words; he's been directly involved in things that SHOW he cares.

I've never heard anybody question Jack's honesty or integrity.

In the spirit of disclosure, I've generally voted for more Republican (not Tea Party!) candidates than Democratic (when there was a party tag attached), but my intention is always to vote for a candidate and not a party. So I can't say I'm a Democrat, and I can't say I'm a Republican (sure as hell not a Tea Party one!). But I think people of good will and integrity under either party's tent could have lived well had Jack won the election. And I'm not saying that to say bad things about the winner - I'm talking about Jack here.

So - Jack, don't give up and don't go away. Okay? You have our thanks and admiration for the race you ran. We need more people of your kind in both parties - or in all parties.


RoaneBooster, I humbly

RoaneBooster, I humbly appreciate your kind words.

Please know that my deep caring for the people in this great community continues on. That is who I am. I have enjoyed meeting even more people and making new friends throughout this election. I was constantly humbled by people telling me that they respected me for having publicly open stances on real issues and positions, even if they politically disagreed with me. I was very pleased that the election was very civil. I respect Kent Calfee for the way that he conducted himself by never attacking me personally. Society can learn from that example. I was pleasantly surprised with the openness of Roane County's Tea Party for inviting me to their debates and meetings. I also got to know Julia Hurley better through the campaign. Julia was always helpful and friendly even though we were on opposite sides of the aisle. There is a real potential for civility in Roane County that's often overlooked in the hype and positioning.

I am off to work on the next cause.


That's the best news I've heard lately!

"There is a real potential for civility in Roane County that's often overlooked in the hype and positioning."

I would never have any doubt about your caring continuing on!

Society can indeed - and should - learn from the example you provided us.


Jack, Thank you for your

Jack, Thank you for your service to your community. You're a class act.


So hoping

I was so hoping Mr. McNew would prevail. He is a good, honest man. Doesn't change just to get your vote, then do a 180. Hope Jack stays engaged in the county, would like to see him run for County Commission if he opts to not run for the house again.

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