Nov 5 2012
01:41 pm

Market Street at Ladd Landing in Kingston, TN is a small venue that attracts great Americana musicians and an appreciative crowd. We are family friendly and folks are welcome and encouraged to bring their own food and beverages. The door opens for socializing at 6 and the music starts at 7. We're done at 9:30. It's a great way to end the week and the music is top notch, with some of the best singer songwriters anywhere.

This week East Tennessee icon, RB Morris brings us his songs and tales and poetry.

RB has a band and it's a good one. Daniel Kimbro, who played for us last Friday, is his bass player. Greg Horne, who played for us a while back, is his guitar player. Much as we love them, they won't be here. We'll miss them but it's OK, as these line notes from Rich Mountain Bound explain:

“The story of how this record came about I’ll have to post in some detail soon. The short of it is my friends up on Rich Mountain, Iron John Webb and Lori Kincaid, said their favorite songs of mine, the ones we play sitting around their cabin porch, never make it on to a record. And so many songs have never been documented at all, old love songs, country songs, mountain songs, drinking and highway songs. So we all made up some lists just to help remember and went into Nathan Milner’s studio in Asheville and recorded about 53 of them, just voice and guitar. It was a liberating experience. Then we got the big idea to pick out a few and make a record. And this is it.”

So come sit "on the porch" with us and listen to some drinking and loving and some other songs. RB recently opened for John Prine and I'm expecting some new tall tales.

Here's bit of RB

You can make reservations by emailing .

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