The headline of this RCN story was "Man Jailed for Hurling Puppy From Vehicle". That's bad but further into the story, which is a rundown of court actions is this one:

A Knoxville woman who swindled TVA could have to pay the agency $21,465 in restitution. Cheryl E. Hall is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court on Tuesday.

Then there's this:

“All told, the defendant bilked victims out of more than $200,000 and bought approximately $100,000 in weapons that she gifted to her married boyfriend.”

Hall’s attorney, Laura Davis, identified the TVA policeman as James “Rick” Lafollette.

My own dealings during the ash disaster with TVA police were less than cordial and unnecessarily confrontational. This is just one more black eye for TVA. And now we find that one of them has $100,000 in weapons? Are we looking into that? (All TVA Police have since been let go)

Here's the RCN link but it's behind the pay wall. (link...)

Well, it doesn't matter who does it... wrong is wrong...

I'm not appalled by the policeman having $100,000 worth of weapons - who cares how much they're worth IF he got them legally?! BUT - if they were the "fruit of the poisoned tree" as the legal eagles would put it, then that's another story altogether. The problem with what the police officer received is not WHAT he received - the problem exists when and if what he received was bought with illegally obtained money. Which sounds probable :-)

It doesn't matter if illegally gotten money bought cars, guns, boats, or guitar strings - it ain't right. And the law needs to take the case where the evidence leads.

While I do not doubt the experiences you had, WC, with TVA cops, and I have seen videos of some experiences, I can also say from personal experience that they all aren't that way. I've run into TVA cops that were the epitome of professionalism. And I'v run into some of 'em that would piss off the Pope.

This should be an interesting story as it unfolds.


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