Jul 2 2012
06:20 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Update: Raining like crazy! Yee Haw!

I know they get paid for it but the State Forestry guys put in a tough day in still hot conditions to get a containment line around this fire. I expect it to hit 200 acres or more before it burns out. Folks who have been out here know what rough terrain we have.

I worked our trail line from 900 feet of elevation up to 1450. You can calculate the number of building stories that is 'cause I'm too tired.

They ran nearly a mile of dozer plough line and finished it off with over 500 feet of hand dug fire line on the last steep pitch down to the creek. Here's hoping it holds and the winds don't kick it up before the evening cool down. It's 200 yards from the house at this point and we have another fire line ringing the house so we feel safe but hassled. Keep those rain dances going! We're getting the secondary high winds from a storm that is very close but so far no real rain.

Are the dances working?

It's raining. Not hard but we'll take it. There's actually more rain than smoke at this point. See...All those dances may not not have actually had anything to do with it but who the freek cares.

Keep dancing!

Danced so much, my legs are

Danced so much, my legs are tired. It's storming here (near the courthouse) now. Hopefully it came from your way.

Wow. Somehow I wasn't

Wow. Somehow I wasn't keeping up with the news. I hope the rain was helpful.

Be careful. Yes, we too truly appreciate volunteer firefighters.

VERY glad...

... to hear this! For you and for nature!


We just walked the fireline

We just walked the fireline around Whites Creek Global Headquarters and everything looks good. We had 1 3/4 " of rain in the gauge this morning. Thanks to everyone who did a rain dance. We'll know who to call on next time.


Thank you for the welcome update! :)

I discovered something sad this weekend: West Roane VFD is short on firefighter rehab equipment. They had no cooling vests for the firefighters, and no mister to cool the air. :(

As of yesterday afternoon, they now have Heatseeker Six-Shot misting nozzles for 2.5" hoses. These supposedly cool air by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit if the humidity is under 80%. The nice Heatseeker fellow hand-carried the nozzles from Knoxville.

West Roane VFD still does not have Aqua Vest cooling vests; a six-person set with vests and cooling station is about $3000 with shipping so the money for that has yet to be found. :( West Roane is hoping for a federal grant for the cooling vests, but the money from that, even if they get it, could be a year or more away.

-- OneTahiti

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