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Friends, supports, and voters,

I have given writing this letter a lot of thought. I have debated in my mind even trying to explain or combat the attacks I have been receiving in any way. I feel it is necessary to set the record straight on several issues regarding the liberal news media and its' very wrong view of this campaign and the last two years of service we have all worked so hard to give for this district in Nashville.
Let me first begin by saying that this letter will be sent to all press. I am not in any way trying to say or accomplish anything without the public being aware of these statements. I have not and will not ever try to hide anything from the very people to I vowed to work for.

Issue 1. I am well aware that yelling at a police officer is incorrect. I also sent letters of apology to not only Trooper Brown herself, but to the Director of Safety with whom I have the utmost respect and work very well with and will continue to work with in Nashville. Did either one of those acts make it to the front page?
Has the liberal news or any challenger stopped to think yes Representative Hurley lost her cool, but Trooper Brown is the sister of Dennis Ferguson's campaign manager, and she just beat them. The officer's comment to the Representative upon approaching the vehicle stating, "I know who you are, Miss. Hurley" without the Representative saying anything at all about being an elected official? Have the liberal news given credit to the fact that Julia Hurley paid the ticket, apologized and went on to pass some of the top Transportation and Safety legislation in the 107th General Assembly?

Issue 2. Representative Hurley carved her initials in her desk in Nashville. Yes, she did. If you have ever visited Nashville or Washington D.C. you will see MANY names and initials carved into the tops, sides, legs and inside drawers of desks with over a hundred years of history. Not only did this make front page news, the liberal media decided to associate Representative Hurley as being a vandal, while two hundred years of history has shown this to be a traditional act in all aspects of Legislators services. On top of admitting that she did this, Representative Hurley paid to have the entire desk revamped. Something that no other legislator has ever been asked to do or been attacked in the media for doing.

Issue 3. Bringing a dog into the Roane County Courthouse. Yes, she did. Pepper Hurley, the dog in question, is a wonderful companion. Hairless, hypoallergenic, toothless and quiet. Upon entrance into the courthouse Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham had just left with her two dogs, leaving behind their dog beds and two mice were just brought in the the courthouse to feed the 4-H pet snake held on the third floor. On top of the lack of any sign that forbid any animals or dogs from the courthouse, Representative Hurley brought hers in. The accusations by Randy Ellis that this canine could cause allergies or bite someone quickly became front page news and prompted a response from the County Executive after a month of news stories that ,"maybe it was taken a little out of hand" in the Knoxville News Sentinel. Maybe? If this were such an issue, where were the front page stories on Ms. Kirkham or for that matter the attacks on the entire 4-H program for having animals of any kind? Did Representative Hurley apologize? Yes. Did your Representative make sure to say it would not happen again and try to move past this issue? Yes. Is the liberal news media and current opposition continuing to bring these issues up instead of debating and speaking on actual issues? Yes.

Issue 4. Having my dog held safely in two arms, air-swimming in a car. If you are a pet owner, you know this is ludicrous. I cannot even imagine what the people who accuse Representative Hurley of abusing her dog consider abuse. Are these the same people that leave their pet outside in hot or cold weather? Do they also clothe their dogs? Feed them gluten-free food? Bathe them daily after having to wear 100spf sunscreen from being in the sun? Let their canine sleep in their bed so they do not shiver at night? I feel it necessary to say these things, because I love my pet. I take care of things I care about... much like the 32nd District. I fight for the things I care for and I will always fight for the Conservative cause and for the people who put their trust in my ability to do this job.

This is an exceedingly long email and my apology for it,however; I feel unless some explanation is given that we as a district will continue to focus on these matters without looking at the future of the true conservative leadership and voting record of Representative Julia Hurley. I am 30 years of age. I have many years of leadership left to give and help build the Conservative future Tennessee needs to guard against over 150 years of liberal laws. Without current, young conservatives, the future of the Republican party will never make it. My voting record is solid. My bills are some of the best written and defended in this great state we live in. I am, and will always do what is best for our people and look forward to moving past these personal attacks and get down to brass tacks with better DUI legislation, more strict drug laws, and creating jobs by eliminating the stress on private businesses. Government is not the answer to any of our economic issues and I believe and will work toward lessening the size of this government and putting my faith back in the people of the great state of Tennessee. It is certainly an honor to serve you and I truly wish to continue to serve you. I thank you for your continued support.

If you or anyone you know would like to view legislation or have ideas, please visit my website (link...)

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My phone is always on and my door is always open.

State Representative Julia C. Hurley
114 War Memorial Building
Nashville, TN 37243

Wow that sure was long.

I think all that long winded nonsense could have been easily replaced by just one paragraph posted on the front page of her website:

"While Miss. Hurley has made some missteps in as far as her public image goes, her openness, honesty, and what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude has been a breath of fresh air to voters fed up with the politics as usual of the Good Ole Boy's club that has for decades strangled the 32nd District.
Moreover, no one has seen a freshman congressman work as hard or harder than Representative Julia Hurley has for the 32nd District."

The reason I say that is because they both have one thing in common... they are both BS.


A mistake or two could be

A mistake or two could be overlooked. But, one right after the other? I urge everyone to go look at her voting record. You will see not only that she has voted straight down party lines, she has also fell in line behind those "good ole boys".
She supports Romney, but attacks Kent Calfee because of his age. When she says she has many years of leadership to give, this Republican hopes it runs out after the primary.

its not its'...

A bit awkward because the tense changes, like Sybil.


How come every time she messed up it was always someone else to blame? Also, some of those things are just lies. Tony Brown was not Dennis Ferguson's campaign manager, but it is easier to blame the trooper or someone else than it is to just say I messed up.. It's almost as if she wrote part of this letter and someone else wrote part of the letter.. Even if I find the letter comical and thing she is blaming everyone else except herself. I do applaud her for attempting to explain things even if it does continue to keep things fired up. -Brian



Clarification of Clarification

It seems Miss. Julia Hurley is mistaken in her "clarification" email She stated

The accusations by Randy Ellis that this canine could cause allergies or bite someone quickly became front page news and prompted a response from the County Executive after a month of news stories that ,"maybe it was taken a little out of hand" in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Here is my exact statement to the paper. (link...)

“My son is allergic to cats, and he gets really asthmatic,” County Commissioner Randy Ellis said. “You could be standing in line beside somebody at the courthouse that has a real bad allergic reaction to a dog. We just don’t know the situation.”

I never made any "accusations" that would prompt a response from the County Executive. As you can read in the above referenced link. The County Executive seen Miss. Hurley and her dog in the Court House and instructed security to remove the dog.

Miss. Julia Hurley has completely misstated the actions of this incident. At no time did I ever state the dog could "bite someone"

There comes a time when we as adults and elected officials should accept responsibility for our mistakes and move on and not continuously blame others for our lapse in judgment.

Randy Ellis


The biggest enemy of Julia Hurley is Julia Hurley. She speaks and acts without giving any thought to the consequences or the fact that she is NOW a public figure to which scrutiny will be applied to everything about her. She acts like a child who continually blames others when caught with her hand in the cookie jar. SHE is her own nemesis. She has taken the responsibility of her office as one that accords her special privileges. She even admits she knows she shouldn't talk to police officers the way she did, but she did it anyway even bragging that she knew the law which she didn't. Maybe she is like the now deceased Cas Walker, "as long as they are talking about me I don' t care what they are saying. She has demonstrated immaturity in her position and has done little to get along with local government officials. She should take a lesson from her fellow party member and State Senator Ken Yeager. I know him and I am sure he is embarrassed by her but has the manners and the party loyalty to refuse to comment negatively on any of her actions. She loves to take credit for legislation she has little to do with. She doesn't return calls or emails to constituents unless they can do something for her. She couldn't speak to me enough when she was running two years ago but after getting elected would barely speak to me or members of my family. Now she ismrunning again and is all abut speaking to me.

Ms. Hurley is her own worst enemy. She should just keep her mouth shut and act like an adult!

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