May 19 2012
05:24 pm

Speaker of the House Beth Harwell...

"We're not like Congress. In Congress, they don't even have to be on the floor for debates or votes. I require my members to be on the floor."

(Note: Harwell's statement is not true...see link)
Representative Hurley...

I have texted my seatmate from the ladies room waiting line for a few votes.

Humphrey with the Harwell story points us to Politifact

Hurley Story


I wonder if this the first time this has ever happened anywhere?


I wonder if folks will miss the point? It's WRONG on the face of it and the pinnacle of hypocrisy by our Legislature. Isn't someone voting for someone else voter fraud? Am I confused?


Lots of people are saying there is not a voter fraud you think there is. So my query is this: is this the first time it has happened or has it in fact been happening all along, be it in the legislature or the voting booth? is wrong no matter where it happens. There is a problem with voter fraud.

It appears that the only

It appears that the only voter fraud of significance is in the Legislature itself.


I would find it very unlikely that it is confined only to the Legislature.

Where are the convictions?

Prove it. C.

Actually, I sort of agree with you. Why else would the GOP repeal the law that would require a paper hard copy of every vote cast and saddle us with voting machines that don't have open source software? There is no way to determine if the votes were counted accurately.


Not necessarily disagreeing or agreeing with you. My opinion is where there is smoke, there is fire and if it is at the top it is surely all the way down to the bottom.
Now, as far as ballots...I would just as soon have paper ballots like we had in the past. Not a fan of what is currently being used.

Voter fraud is Serious business

The question needs to be addressed with serious intent. If a camera is present in each session, one would think an auditor would find fascinating results in a study on the votes taken, number of Reps present, and documenting the outcomes for public view

Not sure people fully understand the implications of voter fraud, call it whatever one wants. Can you imagine if at our County or City level using ghost voting?

The JOB of our representatives is to pay attention, vote, and if not present, not have someone VOTE on one's behalf.

What other things are going on in Nashville?

Not sure about most people but I have grown very tired of irresponsibility, high-schoolish, and representation for one's Party v the people of all parties.


Perhaps a fingerprint id at the legislators desk is what is needed. The print must be scanned and a vote placed within a defined period of time to be counted. I very much understand voter fraud, but many have denied it's existence. Now they are on the bandwagon or soapbox as it suits their fancy.


Here is a IDEA! How about they do what they are sent there to do! Republican or Democrat! If it has happened in the past don't make it right to continue. Voter fraud law? And our State Rep. is texting her votes in? Talk about a good ole boys system! Voters should be outraged!

Maybe Rep. Hurley can fill her boss Speaker Harwell in on ghost voting?

The Speaker insists she had never noticed it, even though what was going on was happening right in front of her.


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