Apr 26 2012
01:33 pm
By: swanpondresident

I understand questioning the credentials of a total stranger who might request a drug test.

However, I am starting to wonder why Rep Hurley is negative about her own drug testing...maybe wait 30 - 60 days then ask her ... Mark my words, in a period of time, she will take a drug test...not saying there are drugs in her system.

What about a hair sample test, would that work for detecting drugs?


It just seems to me that one would say something along the lines, "of course, I don't mind to take a drug test as an elected official and the Representative who is behind the drug testing long as it is with a certified credentialed drug testing agency..."

My goodness, what is good for the goose doesn't seem to be so good for the gander.

I will not be working for,

I will not be working for, nor supporting Representative Hurley this year. In days to come, I will be explaining why. Also, I have not talked to any other candidate to ask them questions as to why I should support them. And before anyone jumps the gun here; it isn't personal. It has to do with the wrong direction our district has been traveling. We need a Representative who will go to Nashville and NOT fall in line.

I don't ask

I don't normally ask others about their politics. It is their business, just like mine is my business. While I have heard many say they will not vote for Rep. Hurley, there are many who feel she is addressing the things that are important to them and will support her. So while there is a lot of vocalization about her, there are also many schools of thought about her.
I am actually more concerned about some of the county races. In my opinion there are some very good candidates and some really poor choices out there.

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