That's right, they were dancing in the street and in the isles last night at the Princess Theatre's Grand Opening!

For those of us that worked the event, it was a labor of love. Those of us behind the scenes were tiring, driven only by the adrenaline of the Grand Opening; a culmination of years of hard work. However, when we looked outside and peaked out at the auditorium, we saw the proud, smiling faces of Princess supporters, and it spurred everyone on.

More photos on the Princess Blog!

Princess Opening --- Priceless Queen!

It was a step back in time - it was an event which delivered nothing but smiles, hugs from old and new friends, and a jamb packed celebratory event of arts and entertainment.

Dr. Littleton, not just a piano player --- a musician who played without sheet music, should be hired as an event of lovely music --- many people were saying they could have listened to his performance for hours. Not sure his magic fingers would hold up as long as we desire to listen. Imagine: Dr Littleton Gala, a bottles of wine, hors d'oeuvres, and a theater full of smiles.

The entertainment was varied, included local and regional musicians, and was certainly an enjoyable evening.

Cannot wait to see the upcoming schedule of events --- we would pay, gladly, for monthly events --- now, if there were a nice simple steakhouse in Harriman!

Great shots of an evening I

Great shots of an evening I wish I hadn't missed.

Whites Creek --- did you not get the phone call?

If not mistaken, Whitescreek, you were tuned in via telephonic communication???

I listened to it. Thanks.

I listened to it. Thanks.

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