What do you say about a law that claims to prevent vote fraud and doesn't but stops thousands of valid registered voters from casting their votes?

It's a bad idea and was intentionally meant to prevent demographics from voting that traditionally favor Democrats. So to look like they are doing something Bills have been introduced, including a spectacularly inconsequential one by our own Senator Yeager.


"stops thousands of valid

"stops thousands of valid registered voters from casting their votes?"

That's the real fraud, being perpetrated by the TNGOP.

The Legalization of Voter Fraud

Along with about a dozen other states Tennessee is engaging in state-sanctioned voter fraud. Not individual, false identity voter fraud. Unless this photo ID law is struck down by the courts Tennessee will be intentionally committing voter fraud on a massive scale by making it more difficult for certain categories of citizens to exercise the right to vote.

Recently, Tennessee Republicans-twisting the knife even deeper- proudly proclaimed that they are unwilling to taint i.e., amend, their ideologically-pure statute by watering it down with any "Democrat" sponsored legislation designed to make The Right to Vote less burdensome for many elderly, minority, disabled citizens, and students.

Tennessee's new Voter ID law violates both the letter and the spirit of The Voting Rights Act of 1965. The same goes for all the versions passed by other Republican state legislatures.

With liberty and justice for all.


I was surprised to find out that there are some exceptions to the law. Read it closely.
Took someone recently to get a photo ID, they had a TDL. Wasn't a problem, and no line, no waiting and no charge. I do understand that if you don't have a TDL the process is more complicated.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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