Apr 5 2011
11:55 am

This is just wrong. People serving in our military will have to keep serving, but will not get paid during a government shutdown. They must continue risking their lives while their families go without. See "Where to Turn if Shutdown Happens" at Military.com ((link...)) and the "Federal Furlough FAQ" at federalnewsradio.com ((link...)).

-- OneTahiti



There is a proposed "Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act," but last I heard it has not yet passed ((link...)).

-- OneTahiti

I hope the Dems don't cave

I hope the Dems don't cave on anything, including passing the "Ensuring Pay" Act. Democrats need to pick a fight with republicans and let's get it on!


Well said. :)

If the Democrats cave, they will be giving in to extortion.

-- OneTahiti

Don't Be Alarmed

This is FEAR MONGERING! The United States Army is set up with a system called the Army Relief Fund. If this in fact happens and soldiers do not have money to buy food, shelter and pay the bills they will be refered by the company leadership. So no one will starve or have the home they live in taken from them.
I am more than positive the sister branches have this in effect as well. So please remember we will continue to go to work every day and night and fight tirelessly even without pay because that is what we are are sworn to do with or without pay.


Those relief funds offer loans. "If the Fed shuts down, your first steps should be to con­tact your land­lord, cred­i­tors, and util­ity com­pa­nies to explain the sit­u­a­tion and then con­tact your ser­vice branch’s relief orga­ni­za­tion. They can offer short-term loans to help bridge the gap with­out caus­ing more finan­cial hard­ship" (Military.com, (link...))

If everyone in the military asks for help, will those relief funds have the money? How fast will they respond to mass appeals for help?

People in the military should not be reduced to taking out loans just because some Republican politicians are trying to hurt the U.S. with a terrible budget that will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and squeezes children, the poor, the sick, women, seniors, veterans, and other deserving groups instead of ending the wars and restoring Reagan-era taxes on businesses and the wealthy. Those Republican politicians are the true scare-mongers.

-- OneTahiti

Yes!! All of us "demonic

Yes!! All of us "demonic Republicans" should be burned at the stake!!

Rick, I think there is a

Rick, I think there is a difference between the R leadership and the folks like you who are down here in the trenches with the rest of us. It's true that I don't understand how a moral person can support the Republican leadership at this point in history with every talking point being a lie, but I don't blame the sheep for the shepherd's sins. I just hope that one day you'll wake up and that light bulb will go off in your head and realize that while the Dems may be flawed they do actually have the average person's best interests at heart. It is the R leadership that should be burned, not the rank and file who are being misled. Wake up, Brother!


Being a moral person is why I seldom vote for democrats!! We all see where
our liberal leadership is taking us. If you think this country is in better shape with our current President........you might want to get your vision checked! Someone has to try and reel in some spending..........not multiply
it.....oh I forgot.......it is George W. Bush's fault.....my bad


Your post is nothing but name calling. Republicans have destroyed the manufacturing sector and sent our jobs to Asia in the name of profits. They lied us into wars that have killed millions, cost us trillions and made us less safe. Republicans cut taxes on the rich who benefited from those wars. Republicans blocked real health care reforms leaving tens of millions without basic care. Republicans are now trying to destroy social security and privatize Medicare under the guise of cutting costs, another big lie. Where is the morality in any of that?

Just so everyone knows; for

Just so everyone knows; for years now I have not been impressed with the Republican or Democratic leadership in Washington. They are all professional politicians there now. Hey, how about a new reality TV show? Send a member of the US House or Senate home, and force them to get a real job. Whichever station carried that show would dominate the ratings! It would be drama, comedy, and tragedy all rolled into one show.


You wrote, "...for years now I have not been impressed with the Republican or Democratic leadership in Washington."

Me too. I haven't been impressed with leaders from either party, pretty much my whole life.

I meant what I said above about the Republican politicians in Congress. Please note that I'm not one to put down the rank and file of any party; they are all just regular folks like the rest of us.

-- OneTahiti

Congress will get paid

The Senate passed a bill proposed by Barbara Boxer of California that would suspend Congressional paychecks in any government shutdown. The companion bill in the House was blocked by Republicans. House Republicans then attached a rider to stop their pay to a bill that has no chance of being passed, even though they control the House.

What Bill?

What bill was it attached to?

Here you go.

It looks like I was wrong about it being a rider. It is the absurdly misnamed Bill to Prevent a Government Shutdown...


Looks like Congress and the Senate are not going to be paid....

if the shut down happens. Mayb e I'm reading it wrong.


Republicans did not pass the bill without the qualifying language that prevented it from being enacted.

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