May 17 2010
08:07 am
By: WhitesCreek

OK, me first.

It's election season in Roane County and we, as a county, have a history of mean and nasty electioneering. I detest that. It's not just us, I know, but it seems that in order to get elected around here you have to make your opponent out to be a more rotten scoundrel than you are. Is it possible that we might elevate the discussion of which candidate is more worthy of serving us to something better than a high school hallway popularity contest for "Most Popular Make Out"? (Feel free to substitute "Hook Up" for "Make Out" if you are younger than I am.

Roane County needs leadership, not strong personalities. Let's ask the tough questions and decide based on answers not blather. So here are a few things I want to see and not see at

1. Candidate Soandso sucks...No! Tell us why you disagree with Soandso's position on continuing to starve the school system of revenue while your candidate proposes to do "X".

2. Soandso is a good Christian man...No! Tell us the good things Soandso has done that demonstrate good character and judgement. Sitting down front and singing too loud does not necessarily mean a danged thing. Having said that, I do know good Christians who, rather loudly, can't carry a tune.

3. Soandso's rumoured extracurricular activities...No! I don't care one whit about his or her sex life...It's none of our bleeping business unless there is a criminal conviction on their record, or an impressively high degree of hypocrisy is involved.

4. Candidate Soandso's position on Roane County's revenue versus spending problem...Yes! I heard all but one candidate say they would hold spending flat or call for a reduced County budget. Oh really? What cuts in services does this candidate propose?

5. Candidate Soandso supports our schools how exactly?...Yes! "I support our schools" is less than meaningless. "I support our schools and favor X action" is an actual position statement.

6. Soandso pushed for the new jail/traffic lights/paving/library/bathrooms at the football field/etcetera...Yes! What has Soandso done in the very recent past by which we may judge future actions?

Here at RoaneViews I don't like zapping anyone's posts but sometimes it is necessary for domestic tranquility. I will use a heavy hand in allowing or disallowing political posts. I will try to explain when I have time or feel like it, but I won't always do so. Also remember that all of you have the power to flag posts as "abusive" as well, so if your post disappears please remember that it may have been voted off by the islanders. I'll try to review and reinstate as I can and feel free to private message me if you think there is some error. Please use the preview feature and read your post before you submit it and try to see how it will appear to others. Politics is a harsh environment but we don't want to contribute to making it even harsher.

Most of all, be kind and ask yourself if what you are posting will make Roane County a better place to live and work and go to school.

The Management

Preach on, Brother! :-)

Of all the things I would ever find to disagree with you about... this AIN'T one of 'em!



WhitesCreek - Fantastic job!!


Great post, wc!

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