May 15 2009
02:22 am

I don't know how to write this.
It started with the daily check for stories about ash and Roane OR Tennessee etc.
I tripped over this article in the Huffington post.
But, that's not the point…
It was the link for…
"...a whole array of new studies suggests that U.S. coal reserves could begin declining within 20 years (not quite the "300 year supply" the industry touts)."
which should have been
But, that's not the point…
Following the original incorrect post lead me to...
"… Chris Nelder has a fairly accessible summary of the report; (link...)
"Oil Drum has a slightly more detailed and technical summary; (link...)
"but the best place to get a perspective on what this could mean is this piece from peak oil guru Richard Heinberg. (link...)
"I hesitate to attempt to summarize Heinberg's thoughts -- it really is worth reading the whole thing. …"
The point is some reporters have been trying since 2005 to call our attention to (In my words) "not only is there no such thing as clean coal, there is no such thing as coal for the next few hundred years (Try Twenty!)"
It struck me that God has set things up so that folk who embrace reducing fossil fuel consumption now, will be set when the coal and natural gas and oil run out…?
OK, I'm nuts.

All resources are finite.

All resources are finite. Coal is no exception.

We have to remember that we exist on this planet because millions of years of plant existance sequestered massive amounts of carbon underground in the form of coal. now we think we can dig it up and burn it off in a couple of hundred years and not cause a problem?

I actually hope that we have enough coal to last forever...Mainly be cause we need to stop digging it out of the ground, period.

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