Mar 31 2009
06:30 am
By: WhitesCreek

I don't have confidence that the ash can be transported without releasing dust. Then there's the problem of placing it in the landfill and covering it each day so that no dust is released. Why place it high in a hilltop above Kingston?

The County Commission is

The County Commission is hell bent on doing this from what I hear. I think this is a mistake. Neither the county nor their contractor were capable of adequate and safe operation in the past.


Who leads the commission?
Which ones are hell bent?
We need to remember these names
as elections roll around

They are going to go forward with this if we don't stop them!

Let them know that the next election is not that far off.

Here's contact info:
County Executive:
Mike Farmer, P O Box 643, Kingston TN 37763
865/376-5578 -- Fax No. 865/717-4215
email: roanecounty@roanegov.org

County Commission Chairman/Kingston Mayor
Troy Beets
2025 Cedar Lane
Kingston TN 37763

George W. "Copper" Bacon
1613 Spring City Highway
Rockwood, TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

James Brummett
560 Kingston Avenue
P O Box 606
Oliver Springs, TN 37840
Representing 4th Commission District

Ray Cantrell
395 Babbs Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Representing 5th Commission District

Bobby L. Collier
126 Arsenault Crossing
Kingston TN 37763
Representing 6th Commission District

David M. Currier
508 Evergreen Street
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

Benny East
262 Benny East Road
Rockwood TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

Jerry L. Goddard
121 Cemetery Lane
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

James W. "Dub" Harmon
308 Trenton Street
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

Mike Hooks
700 Sylvan Drive
Rockwood TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

Nadine Jackson
617 Mans Hollow Road
Kingston TN 37763
Representing 7th Commission District

Chris Johnson
126 White Oak Drive
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 6th Commission District

David Olsen
108 Wesley Lane
Oak Ridge TN 37830
Representing 4th Commission District

Howard Rose
865 Salem Valley Road
Ten Mile, TN 37880
Representing 7th Commission District

Fred M. Tedder
439 Clax Gap Road
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 3rd Commission District

Randy Martens for Kingston City Council
"Common Sense For Good Government"


I have and will continue to have extensive conversations with county commissioners, Mike Farmer, and others. Here is what I have found out.
Number one, the county does need a permitted landfill. In two years, our contract will run out with Rhea County. They take our garbage right now. We will either have to have a landfill available for garbage, or have it available for bargaining purposes with Rhea County or other counties.
Second, As of now, and I do use those three words cautiously, there isn't any plan to use the landfill for coal ash storage. But make no mistake about it. There are those on the commission that will go all out to approve it if we do not continue to make our objections, and make them strong.
Tomorrow's meeting of the long term planning commission should be packed with people. Just a few dozen of the same faces isn't going to do it. We have to not only say no, but hell no, every time we get the chance.
This mess cannot be transported safely in dump trucks. There has never been any studies on the effects of coal ash on human health; neither long term or short term. When TVA says it is absolutely safe, they are grossly misleading us all.
At Roane State yesterday, I had many trying to avoid me before the three hours were up.
I talked with Gil Francis and he denied that it would take the use of 400 to 600 trucks a day. However, I asked him to join me in a converstion with the site manager. It amazed me as to what little communication there is between their people. Francis doesn't enjoy being proven wrong.
There is so much to do with little time to do it. We need many more people to start getting busy. Write and call all of the commissioners. Write and call Mike Farmer. Bother them each and every day. Most of all, make them listen to you. It's the only action we have.

There seems to be a conflict.

Rick, you said:

"Second, As of now, and I do use those three words cautiously, there isn't any plan to use the landfill for coal ash storage."

The Roane County news said:

"Members of Roane County Commission’s solid waste committee voted unanimously on Friday to recommend that County Executive Mike Farmer and County Attorney Tom McFarland enter into negotiations with TVA to study the cost and benefits of allowing fly ash to be dumped in the landfill."

I may wrong but I don't think you have to "enter into negotiations with TVA" if all you want to do is study the issue. Studying issues is what the Solid Waste Committee is for. You don't need an attorney to study an issue.

I can tell you from past experience that all this "study" talk is a disguise for convincing TVA that transporting the fly ash to the landfill in Midtown is what Roane County wants to see happen. During this "study" there will be contracts with TVA drawn up for them to pay for opening the landfill and what the per ton tipping fee will be for the fly ash that will go in into the landfill. All that will remain to be done is passage of a resolution by county commission to direct the county attorney and and the county mayor to sigh the agreement with TVA. It only takes eight commissioner votes for it to pass. Five of them were on on the Solid Waste Committee that made this recommendation to do the "study".

After it passes we will all be standing around saying: "How did they do that? I didn't even know it was going to happen."

Folks, I'm here to tell you, IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!! Get involved now before it is too late! Be part of making the decisions about what happens in your community. If you don't, the decisions will be made for you and you aren't going to like them.


The reason the Midtown landfill was closed in the first place was the County's inability to manage it properly. I would be OK with that as a location for a garbage landfill but I would want a complete study done on that and include alternative sites. It's a horrible site for coal ash, and that's what is driving this thing.

The Commissioners think they can make $40-50 million for the county by taking TVA ash. If that were true there would be private companies killing each other to get the permit and contract. When I hear one of them say we need the money for schools it makes me ill. We were told that about beer sales and now the beer tax goes to the Roane Alliance/Chamber of Commerce. If the Commissioners want to make a good faith move regarding schools...Give the Beer tax money back to the schools this next meeting.

WC right on

In Harriman Ron Coleman said that the Beer tax would save their schools and what a few years later we made it a county burden, now where is that money going. We were a dry city, now what do we have to offer. You r right on WC

Democite it took a little longer than a few years

and they money never went to the schools thanks to mayor Davis he used it to fund other things. Like his pockets. But the ash will be fine in the landfield its not covered in Oak Ridge and those people are not dropping over dead. I was out on Swan Pond Circle today and man does it look good now, looks more modern and update I think its gonna be ok people... who would we be mad at if we was a mess caused from a volcano errupting?

no comparison

Volcano eruptions are naturally occurring events though tragic and disruptive. This was neither natural or inevitable.

Just ask

If they want a school from TVA
then ask for a school from TVA
no need to bargain
our economy is damaged
Chris Johnson you're a Vice Principal
If education is your priority
don't deal in trash
ask for the cash
and be our Price-I-Pal, pal


Mike Farmer didn't even know that he was "chosen" for the study until he read an e-mail from me Monday. This county government is so out of touch with one another, and so screwed up, they will probably screw us up too.
I do sometimes choose the wrong words while trying to make a point. I appreciate the objective and constructive criticism. I'll choose my words better in the future.

Sorry if I appeared to be

Sorry if I appeared to be critical of you. The intent of my post was to point out to everyone what is really going on. I appreciate all your efforts to keep in the forefront the health and welfare of our community.

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