With the uproar in Roan County about heavy metal contamination from coal in our water supply you would think Ken Yager would realize this was a bad time to sponsor a bill eliminating the ability to test for heavy metal contamination in our water supply...

Ken is the Senate sponsor for a bill that essentially eliminates the legal ability to test for Selenium in our water. The Bill requires that the only legal test for selenium in water will be for a selenium compound that isn't carried by water.

I've never thought of Ken as having a particularly large "testicular mass" but this is a bold move against the interests of the people of Roane County. The citizens of Roane County sent Yager to the Tennessee State Senate to represent US, not the interests of the National Coal Company.

I suppose it is just coincidence that National Coal is facing a lawsuit over selenium releases into drinking water supplies at its Zeb Mountain coal mining facility at the same moment that Ken thinks we need to rethink our scientific testing for water quality.

There are other sections of Ken's bill that will seriously degrade water quality in Tennessee. If this is the kind of legislation that Ken Yager will promote it looks like Roane County has made a serious mistake.

Who Ken reports to...

Why I believe I noticed Dan Roling of National Coal on Ken's donor list.


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