Feb 4 2009
08:17 am

Let the TN Democratic Party know we're here and we're not going away until we fix this mess!

Join the CHIP IN! movement to change our state. Donate $5, $10, $15, or whatever, to show that we're out here and we want to change Tennessee.
(Update: We're proving to the TN Dems that small donors count Big. We've blown away our original goal and keep rasing the bar. You guys are awesome!)
The State Party Chairman responds

Our goal is to raise $1000.00 from small donors in the next 48 hours and make a statement that Liberals and Progressives in TN aren't happy with doing things the same old way. It's not working.

A growing number of Tennesseeans are tired of seeing our state controlled by a select group of fat cats who don't seem to have our long term interests in mind. With TN schools ranked 9th from the bottom, our jobs situation in the tank, the environment with serious challenges, health care in disarray, and the state budget a billion dollars in the red, all our new republican dominated state legislature seems to be interested in is outlawing gay marriage, and making sure we have guns at Little League baseball games.

TN grassroots Democrats are feeling ignored and have decided to ACT UP! Starting right now, we are going to show our state party that they need to quit paying so much attention to the big donors and listen to every day people our here who are suffering through their inability to do their jobs.

Give what you can. The amount isn't that important so much as the number of donors. All you need to make yourself heard is $5 on your credit card.

Let the boys in Nashville know they can't ignore us any more.

Chip in!


Raised $400 in 30 minutes!

I'm working on a Blogroll of the folks who are participating. First on the list is Randy Neal at who put most of this together.


Here's a list of supporting TN Bloggers and a link to their ideas on the State of TN:

Russ McBee
Progressive Nashville
Sean Braisted
WhitesCreek Journal
Sharon Cobb

Great idea! :)

Thanks for telling us about this, WC! :) I just chipped in. :)

Don't forget to chip in some $ for the West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department too! They are just about to mail their 2009-1 appeal and really need the help.

Last year only about 3% of property owners chipped in for the fire department. :( It was only 8% the year before. :(

-- OneTahiti

You go Girl!

You go Girl!

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Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.