Jan 22 2009
02:04 pm

I just got a telemarketing call from them. These folks, who also go by the name of TN Federation of Police, seem to have taken in over $300k in 2007 and given out $1.5k in scholarships. Nearly all the rest apparently went for various administrative and fundraising "expenses."

They are ostensibly a membership organization but in 2007 apparently only had fewer than 30 members.

If you want to give to charity you could pick nearly any other one and get more bang for your buck.


Check THIS out

On the Tennessee Police Federation...

It is headquartered out in east Roane County with a Kingston address. I bet a little detective work could find out who it is. I'll see what I can do. The below info comes straight from TN state records.

NICE racket. We're in the wrong damn business, OneT!



Check their 990 entries at Guidestar


It is a nice racket. :(

-- OneTahiti

More Details

Go here

About 2/3 down the page. You will see details. Makes one wonder ... it's all about the "hired fundraiser." I see potential for significant abuse and "circular" travel of money. Would be interesting to see the paths of all the dollars.


The phone number is registered to:

David H Leffew (865) 376-4576 New Midway Rd,Kingston, TN 37763

The name is familiar but I can't recall why. Interesting

According to the Tennessee Secretary of State

David Leffew is the registered agent of the Tennessee Police Federation. See (link...)

I'd be willing to bet ....

he IS the Tennessee Police Federation

Is Leffew the same dude that

Is Leffew the same dude that comes into city court with no introduction & acts like a judge, but is never introduced as one? I hope that's not him, I was in traffic court lately & some dude walked into the court room, unannounced & called names & issued fines, etc. Is that the same guy?

Greg Leffew is the Rockwood

Greg Leffew is the Rockwood City Judge.

2 more calls this week

Both were from the "Fraternal Order of Police" and had the same script. Both calls sounded like the same guy. He had a good speaking voice like a voice-over actor or radio announcer.

If you want to really help the police I strongly recommend you give locally.

In addition, you should never give out your personal information to a telemarketer, ever. This is especially true of your credit card information. A good rule is if they called you, "just say no."

-- OneTahiti

I'm sorry, I'm kind of dense

I'm sorry, I'm kind of dense tonight. Are they legitimate or not? We know lots of Leffews down this way. I have given to them before because I thought they were local since they have a Kingston address. I quit giving to them recently because they never quit calling us. It's constant and annoying. I've told them several times that I'm no longer interested, but they keep calling. If they were legit, I wouldn't mind giving to them once in awhile, if they wouldn't call me all the time.

That's how scam charities work!

Once you donate you are put on a recall list along with others who have donated. These guys can go on for years by calling former donors with whom they have established a comfort zone. Tell them no a couple of times and they will quit calling you.


I wish getting off a scammer's list were that easy. I have been getting frequent calls--sometimes 5 in one day--for over 10 years from would-be scammers with thick foreign accents and bad phone connections who try to make me think they were calling from my pharmacy. I've been saying "no" all that time to no avail.

I think they keep selling the list of "leads" to fresh batches of would-be scammers.

-- OneTahiti

I have also

I have also had two calls in the past two days. I agree with OneT. The best way to know who is real is to give locally.

Fraternal Order of Police is WAY different from...

... the Tennessee Police Federation. FOP is a legitimate organization, not a scam organizaion made up of one person. There are FOP chapters all over the state and a state lodge. They have a website

That being said, people have ben known to call and SAY they represent the FOB when they do not. I'd check with an officer who is in the FOP and they should be able to find out whether or not the FOP is actually soliciing funds.


Any entity that calls me on

Any entity that calls me on the phone and asks for money is wasting its time.

I understand, WC

That's purely a personal decision and personal policy. But calling on the phone and asking for funds does not per se make the caller into a scam operation.


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