Jan 12 2009
08:42 pm
Troy Beets, Mike Farmer, Tom Kilgore, and Howie


It was 37 million. But that's just for the cost of the structure itself. You have to add in equiping it. You have to add in costs for desks, computers, supplies, and possible increases in building costs. They figure 43 million should cover it.
They will never take in the safety or long term health problems that could arise. But, if someone they love is lost due to an accident, they would regret their decision if it comes to that. But, I am confident that we can prevent it.

I know we can

I am just as confident that this can be prevented. I just think there are a lot of ways to come up with the money for schools with out raising taxes or hauling fly ash to the midtown landfill.

And you ar right when it comes to them regreting the dicisions made if it involved someone they loved. Beets stated the water was fine and that they used it to make bottles or something like that. Maybe they would feel differently if they came and stayed over here for a while. I am sure TVA would let them camp out on Lakeshore or Emory River Rd for a couple of days. Maybe they could do a little fishing and catch some big catfish. They weigh a lot more now that their stomaches are full of ash.


It's the cost of a new school.

Pretty close

I think Farmer said it would cost $35 Million for the new school. I wonder if they will try to get a good deal on newly purchased property to build the school. Then it will be in the middle of the county, we can build the new play ground on the fly ash ponds, and teach our children to lie to everyone to get what they want.

There are a lot of ways to come up with money for schools. I will name a few ways to come up with some money.

1. Recycle cans(my child does pretty good with this one and it is teaching her that she has to work for a dollar)
2. Schools could be more responsible with cost of material(use both side of a sheet of paper and don't make a dozen extra copies)
3. Don't spend money foolishly( Did we pay for bullet proof glass for the BOE office? They should not have it if our kids don't)

Change his tume

If the good Mayor does not change his tune pretty soon, he may not get to "sing" much longer. Many citizens of Kingston are dissatisfied with him and his "holy than thou" attitude. Is he too arrogant to realize that?
I have known Troy Beets for 35 years. I would never have thought he would let power go to his head. He is a friend in life, but not in politics. I hope he gets the fool notion of still opening up the landfill for coal ash out of his head. They all say they want to do what the citizens want. Well, they must not be listening. My guess is about 95% of the population is AGAINST using the landfill for that purpose. And the other 5% are misinformed.
Keep it up guys. I do enjoy your comments.


seasons of life
bring change, they do
Willis has changed
from the man we knew

It could be the $43 million

It could be the $43 million that TVA will be paying them for the landfill use that is dangling over their heads.
Will they have the roads torn up and receive only a possible reimbursement for road repair or do they offer the landfill and get the roads repaired and $43 million to boot?
That's the "question.

Wow just wow

How truely sad is it that they would pay the county $43 million to use the landfill, but have yet to help the famlies who need some medical attention for issues they have been having since the week this disaster happened. Why is it they would pay millions to our gov. officials but aren't willing to spend a couple of thousand to help residents in need.

I'm curious

Where did you get the 43 million number?

Let's just say that I have

Let's just say that I have an "inside source."

When was this taken!!???

When was this taken!!??? Mayor Beets looks like he is waiting for somebody to kiss his ring!!!

Jan 12th 2009

This was at the so called County hearing/commission meeting in Jan. He stood that way for a good portion of the meeting the other portion was filled with him talking. Taking up our valuable time to ask questions.I will fill you in on that part.

The meeting was published it would held prior to the normal meeting.
(so we would have to be done in an hour)
Once the meeting began Mayor Beets advised we would only have 45 minutes to ask questions.
Everytime someone would step up to ask a question he would ask them how they were doing, to state their name, and give their address.
So basically our meeting to ask questions and get answers was cut from 1 hour down to 45 minutes and then 15 minutes of that was used up by Mayor Beets talking.

You are correct. The

You are correct. The Chairman of County Commission has more power than the County Mayor. I feel Mike farmer wants to do what is right for Roane County citizens but really his hands are pretty much tied. The County Mayor's job is to carry out the will of the County Commission and oversee certain departments of County government. He is sometimes seen as the spokesman for the County also. BUT, he does not have a vote on the County Commission. He can only make recommendations to the Commission

The County Commission is the only body that can make rules and regulations through resolutions. They also control the money that is spent and they set the tax rate that brings in the money. Everything done by committees and boards must be approved by County Commission unless power is given to them by County Commission through resolutions.

Talk to your County Commissioners. They are the only people who can make changes you want to see in County Government. Talking to committees is good. They are set up to make recommendations to the Full County Commission. The Full Commissioners as a rule will follow the recommendation of committees but they are under no obligations to do so. Only federal and state laws (and mandates) can overrule decisions by County Commission concerning Roane County.

Willis holds the power position over Farmer

The race has just begun.
Farmer looks desparied.
Ready to throw in the towel.
Who will win as Tom fires
the starting shot with his
hand's gun.
Ready, set, go.

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.