Jan 2 2009
02:31 pm

How stupid.That's like some

How stupid.That's like some of the "talk' that made the rounds when he was working at an elementary school.
" Showboating" That should get him elected for at least 10 more years.

Troy has a point though

Maybe it takes a little showmanship to counter the incorrect info that's out there.

Look...This place is a big danged mess. But let's keep the focus on what is and isn't a real problem.

Well, WC, I find myself...

... agreeing with you again. Troy drinkng some water is a drop in the bucket. Sometimes ya gotta do something to get folks' address when others are bleating thewrong stuff.


And you know what, RB?

For a 28 year old man who's drank this water all his life, Troy don't look half bad!


Ya got me on that one, WC! Laughed out loud! Everybody asked me what was so funny!


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