Hey yall, we are in the middle of field testing and going door to door collecting information where Swan Pond is where the ash blowout happened.

People are answering their doors crying. They answer their phones that way--we are dealing with traumatized folks and our field personal are science geeks.

We need someplace we can tell people where they can go for counseling.

Can anyone recommend anyone in Harriman, Kingston, Oak Ridge, or Knoxville--a center or something that we can send people to?

A counseling suggestion came in from Knoxville, TN

Contact Chris Buice (pronounced Bice) at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. They have a network of counselors who dealt very effectively with the aftermath of the shooting that took place there this summer. I think it is very likely that they would be willing to help out with this situation.
John Nolt

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