Dec 28 2008
06:16 pm

A couple of hundred people showed up to listen and ask questions. The TVA CEO, Tom Kilgore, is there, as is CNN and other media. If the meeting is handled as well as the private one I was at last night, it should be excellent at reassuring folks that TVA is acting in good faith. I hope so.

“This is not a time that TVA holds its head up high. We’re going to clean it up...We’re going to clean it up right.”

Tom Kilgore

We'll see. Now TVA has to follow through. (link...)

Wrong again, WC

Sorry - I'm grinning as I type - I just had to gig you a little...

The man's name is TOM Kilgore. Actually a nice man, and on the ball. He's working hard to get it right.


You are absolutely right...And I knew that

Troy Beets and KNS got it wrong and I went Brain dead.

From the KNS web site:

TVA President Ron Kilgore promised a crowd of hundreds of Roane County residents today that an ambitious clean-up program is beginning in the area affected by a massive coal ash spill.

Them pesky news folks...

... cain't never trust 'em! ;-)


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