Dec 28 2008
12:18 pm
By: WhitesCreek



Robert F. Kennedy's Law firm is investigating.

Ambulance Chasers on a Higher Plain!

But not much higher.

Oh hot dawg!

goodie friggin gum-drops!

hope they're not staking their financial future on this!


We can joke, but I'm sure

We can joke, but I'm sure the home and property owners in the neighborhood need legal representation. Their property values just took a serious nose dive. This economy is bad enough without coal ash mudslides lowering the value of what some considered part of their retirement plan...homeownership. And Robert Kennedy is a studied environmentalist.

I myself wouldn't be too judgemental. The folks affected have been through a lot without having to be concerned about others judging the manner in which they somehow try to regain what they have worked for their entire lives. TVA may very well attempt to compensate the losses without force. But for those who didn't want to be bought out, who didn't want to relocate, I wonder if TVA has the same value in mind as the victims? We'll see.

True enough, GH

One thing that will happen that will be positive, however...

Whether it be Hariman sewer lines, Kingston water supplies, gas lines, or whatever - based on the lack of funds of the municipalities to replace that infrastructure now - once this is over with, the affected areas will have a higher grade group of infrastructure than they have ever had, or WOULD HAVE HAD, if this hadn't happened. All these sets of infrastructure needed upgrading at the time this happened, and none of them were in a financial situation to be upgraded. Now upgrades will be on TVA's nickel, not on the local utilities.

Sometimes there are silver linings.

And you're right - they have been through a lot.


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