Dec 26 2008
09:07 pm

Emergency Meeting of the Kingston City Council

Councilman Kevin McClure and myself, Councilman Brant Williams extend an invitation to all who are concerned about the impact of the TVA fly ash spill to attend our emergency City Council meeting on Sunday 12/28 at

At this meeting the City of Kingston will begin the process of formulating its official reaction and response to the massive TVA fly ash spill. All concerned citizens should attend. Everyone who wishes to speak or comment will have that opportunity.

We cannot place enough emphasis on how vital public input will be in helping
us [the City Council] to understand the nature and full magnitude of this
disaster. No one in Kingston, on City Council, TVA, or for that matter the
State can claim to know what to do.
We must be diligent and vocal, in order to retain our voice in the
formulation of a reclamation/recovery plan. This will be a laborious and
costly process. There will be good news and bad; great progress as well as
disappointing delays. However, one thing is certain.
We simply cannot sit back and allow those with vested interests in
minimizing the public perception of the impact of this spill to dictate the
clean-up and reparation process.
No matter where you live, please plan to attend our City Council Meeting on
Sunday 12/28 at 4:30pm at the Kingston City Community Center.
Now is your chance. Be heard when it counts most.
Thank you,
Brant Williams
Kingston City Council


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