Sep 23 2008
04:55 pm
By: WhitesCreek

We do not support government bailouts of private institutions. Government interference in the markets exacerbates problems in the marketplace and causes the free market to take longer to correct itself.

Republican Party Platform adopted September 2008

Why are children hungry


I read this today and was overwhelmed by the statics, Especially that of Roane County, this is SAD, why are any children going hungry. I have to say one posted on knox news has it right. People who are on ANY government aide( food stamps, welfare, Tenn Care, those under the age of 60 collecting a disability check) need to submit to a tobacco and drug test, I have seen first hand many young people with no food for their children but have a cell phone and cigarettes. I have been approached to buy a Food Stamp card at 50% of the value. How can this happen that children are the victims,

I forget wasn't it the

I forget wasn't it the Democratic controlled congress that passed the bailout? And didn't it take two times because the Republicans voted against it the first time? Now I know the response will be "Bush supported it and signed it into law". Which is true but you all hate Bush because in your opinion he is the worst president ever. But he sides with you all so that is kind of telling as self-hate isn't it? I keed, I keed!!!

Grossly illogical there, RV

John McCain tried to take credit for the bailout bill and disown it at the same time. He did vote FOR it.

But in fact, I am personally not in favor of the bill. Not because nothing should be done, just the opposite. We are in a crisis at all levels. My problems with the bill reside in the lack of oversight and recourse. The entire decision process resides with a 35 year old former employee of Goldman Sachs, which under the leadership of Paulson, created the credit default swaps which triggered this mess.

I actually detest George W. Bush less than I do the people who git him elected and pull his strings. Just for fun...name one thing he's done right and well?

Just one...Well the biggest

Just one...Well the biggest thing he has done is prevented another attack on US soil in 7+ years. Bemoan him all you want but the biggest thing I expect out my federal government is a national defense and I give Bush a big A+ in that category. For years under Clinton we sat back and did basically nothing attack after attack. Clinton wanted to treat terrorists like a law enforcement problem rather than a military problem (unless someone was testifying in a grand jury against him) and that only allowed the terrorist to become more organized and focused. Taking the fight to them has made us all safer no matter how much Bush critics want to argue otherwise.

On a side-note isn't Goldman Sachs one of the biggest contributors to Obama? But surely no one will be pulling his strings. ;)

You credit Bush with

You credit Bush with something that may simply be chance, but even in its starkness, indicates that there is very little good that can be said about W.

There is no credible international analyst that agrees with the preposterous claim that we are safer today because of Bush policies. The administration that borrowed and squandered more money than all the presidents in history before him leaves us with a devastated and divided country.

On September 12th, 2001, all the world stood with America in grief and anger at what had been done. Who stand with us today?

I think given the issues

I think given the issues that Bush had to deal with concerning terrorism that it is way too soon to completely judge his presidency. You say it may very well be chance that no other attacks have happened here but I say the evidence against that is pretty overwhelming. We have taken the fight to them and not allowed them to sit back and plot and plan our destruction.

Devastated country? That's a little extreme wouldn't you say? Are things great? No, but devestated is hardly how I would describe them. And there is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle for our economic crisis (and more on the left than I know you will ever admit).

Now if you want to talk divided that's fine but let's be sure and place the proper party at the heart of that division.

Two Americas? Ring a bell. The Republicans are not the side that uses class envy as the basis of everything they push. They don't hyphenate every race of Americans there is. The entire Democratic ideology is division. It's the very basis of this tax system the Dems use to keep power... always convincing everyone someone else is going to pay for the Dems ridiculous confiscation of Americans property.

It's always rich vs. poor, black vs. white, us vs. them. There's never AMERICA, without qualification. They have perfected the politics of division, and accuse the Republicans of being the dividers? That is laughable (or would be if it wasn't so sad).

So, RV...Do you ever stop to

So, RV...Do you ever stop to think about any of this stuff or do you just repeat what you read in emails? Try reading things from the other side and doing your own fact checking.

I never claim Dems are perfect. If they were, I would not have voted for two Republicans last time. But for you to make the absurd claim that it is Democrats who are the party of divisiveness if a stretch of credibility beyond all reason.

I do read things from the

I do read things from the other side and while they sound all warm and fuzzy they fail miserably in practical application and have over and over again. Or at least that's what I've been told. I mean I couldn't possibly have reached that conclusion on my own. Baah, baah...

The arrogance of the Dems is another lovely trait. I don't agree with you so I must have not thought things through. I must be a sheep incapable of my own opinions and apparently just recite other's thoughts since I can't possibly not see things as the Dems/you do. I have attempted to be cordial in my comments here realizing that everyone is entitled to their own opinion yet apparently if it is contrary to yours I do not deserve the same respect. But your right. Clearly you are in favor of unification and don't want to turn people off by insulting them for their difference of opinion. How could I have ever seen your party as anything but the truly unifying force that it so clearly must be.

I don't recall ever saying that you did say that Dems are perfect just as I have never said that all Republicans are perfect. Maybe you should do your own fact-checking and not be so quick to point that perceived superior finger at others.

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