Jul 24 2008
06:56 pm

Scenes for a movie, " I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down" was being filmed in Rockwood this evening on Rockwood Street. The movie was written by noted author William Gay and stars Hal Holbrook. The high profile film is about Abner Meecham (Holbrook), a crusty old man who flees the nursing facility in which his son has convinced him to live and returns to his Tn. farm to live out his days in peace. Upon returning home, Abner discovers his son has leased the farm to an old foe and his family, who plan to buy the farm in a few weeks. This sets up a ruthless grudge match between Abner and Lonzo Choat, the new tenant, each man rightly claiming the land as his own and each refusing to leave. Finding no help from his son and haunted by recurring visions of his dead wife, Abner resorts to his own methods of reclaiming his life. Abner's wife in the film will be played by Holbrook's wife and Tn. native Dixie Carter of Designing Women fame. Other cast members include Ray McKinnon (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and Walton Goggins (The Shield). This is an authentic Tn. story and filmed in the state where it was born. The cast and crew were very friendly and well pleased with Rockwood. They will be in Lenoir City tomorrow to do a restaurant scene and then to a farm for two weeks. Thanks to them for choosing Rockwood and maybe more will be filmed here. I know that they kept the drug store busy buying ice cream...Ray Collett

Rockwood has a beautiful

Rockwood has a beautiful downtown, well worthy of being a movie set. I'm glad someone else noticed.

I first saw Hal Holbrook when I was a little kid in Winston Salem, NC when he was performing his early version of Mark Twain tonight. We saw him last year at the Tennessee Theater in the same role. He's a master actor and so is Dixie Carter. Here they are in the glory years.

Here's the Movie Page

Blog Entry Correction

Just a quick correction to the entry above.

The feature film screenplay "I Hate to See That Evening Sun Go Down" was written by Scott Teems (also the Director), and was adapted from a short story written by William Gay.

FYI - I heard from the crew that Rockwood was very accomodating. Thanks!

Larsen Jay
Executive Producer

Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the correction. Let us know how things go and when we can go see it. I'm a fan of both Holbrook and Dixie Carter.

A movie is being filmed in Rockwood

Thanks for the correction. I read the promo sheet that I was given wrong. One thing I am sure of, the Houston's were eating peaches, vienna sausages, and drinking chocolate milk. That seems to find its way into the newspapers every day.....Ray Collett

Chocolate Milk and Vienna sausages!

And that's about the only thing we can be sure of, Ray.

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