Nov 5 2014
08:01 pm

I just don't think the world knows how beautiful our County is. With that in mind RoaneViews has a new banner at the top with photos taken in Roane County. Please feel free to post your own, or links to your own shots that show off this fabulous part of the world.

I'll get this started. This is a Stewartia, or Mountain Camelia. It is rather rare but can be found in several places in Roane County. It is a close relative of the Franklinia, or Franklin Tree, which has never been identified in the wild since William Bartram found it and sent seeds to Benjamin Franklin, who planted them and grew a plant in his yard from which all current specimens descended. This is a Roane County specimen of stewartia...


Mayoral elections results:

Brillo Miller Rockwood

Tim Neal Kingston

Jerry Vann Oliver Springs

Rockwood City Council: Dudley Evans, Harold Holloway, Bobby Anderson

Kingston City Council: Randy Childs, Sarah Humphreys, Don White

Oliver Springs Board of Aldermen: Robert Miller, Jeffrey Bass, Terry Craze

Nov 4 2014
09:51 am

We have reports that the machines were down for over a half hour at the Kingston Community Center (Ward 2) and that several voters were turned away without casting a vote. There are more questions than answers at the moment. Please post in the comments if you have verified information on this, no rumors please!

Nov 4 2014
09:39 am
By: onetahiti

In Tennessee, go to (link...) to look up your voting location.

-- OneTahiti

Nov 4 2014
08:30 am

A study by the fossil fuel industry seems to pronounce that reducing fossil fuel use will cost you money except that their own study shows that electricity costs will only grow at one third the cost of living over the 15 year period if coal usage is eliminated.

Funny how this works. Watch for the news media pronouncements that are sure to quote the 17% number.


Nov 3 2014
07:59 am

Under the guidance of the EPA restoration efforts have somewhat restored the over 50 square miles of devastation along the upper reaches of the Ocoee river at Copper Hill. It was created, not by surface mining, but by the emissions from the copper extraction process.

I remember my first visit to the area in the early 1980's. The TN state line had a small sign marking its location along a red dirt expanse that stretched to the horizon and beyond. There was a small patch of greenery about a half mile away where the "Welcome to Tennessee" sign was placed, possibly so that Tennessee wouldn't be forever associated with this massive area of scorched earth. It will never return to what it was before unregulated mining wiped out everything but it has been re-vegetated to a degree. Aquatic life in the Ocoee river struggles to return and it has made some progress. The Ocoee itself has been opened to recreational activities and has created an economic oasis in southeast Tennessee.

A mine museum has been created and several of the mine buildings are planned for restoration. Here's the TFP story:


Dr. Mary Headrick, candidate for the Tennessee Third District Congressional seat, says Tennesseans should be outraged at the lack of attention paid by Rep. Chuck Fleischmann to the critical needs of the Tennessee Third District.

“In the WTCI-TV Monday night debate, Chuck Fleischmann finished by calling for more military funding,” Headrick noted. “Not once did he call for more District 3 infrastructure funding. Currently, there is not even one dollar dedicated to resuming construction on the new Chickamauga Lock, ever. This is totally insupportable on Fleischmann’s part. As it stands, we are 12 or more years away from resuming work on the new Chickamauga Lock. Because the Army Corps of Engineers does 'one-at-a-time', we remain fourth, at least 12 years. If we have to, let's dismiss the Army Corps of Engineers and ask TVA to build the Lock....starting now."


Oct 31 2014
07:07 pm

The Tennessee Republican Party says it has filed a formal complaint with the Tennessee Secretary of State's Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gambling after Ball's campaign offered to enter donors' names in a drawing to wear a chicken costume.

You have got to be s******g me! Really Republicans?


Oct 31 2014
06:43 am

Gene Patterson is one of the nicest people in the news biz. He's also one of the best.


Oct 31 2014
05:50 am

What? You mean instead of disappearing for two years until the next election cycle like our current Congressman?


And then there's this from the Times Free Press Editorial Dept.:

It wasn't until an election debate Monday that Fleischmann finally said -- three hours after the gate problem forced the Corps to close the lock -- that he now is willing to support that "user fee."

"This is appalling on so many levels that it leaves one nearly speechless," said Mary Headrick, the Democrat trying to unseat Chuck Fleischmann in Tennessee's 3rd District after the lock closure was made public the next day. "Our current representative does not understand the urgency of the lock issue nor how to interact with others to achieve funding."

There's a lot more to this story but mostly about how Congressman Fleischmann just isn't doing his job:


The GOP controlled Congress has NOT COMPLETED the 6 year highway funding bill. This is ridiculous!

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The uncertainty of federal funding has led Tennessee's highway director to delay road projects worth $400 million.

The Tennessean reports 12 construction projects and 21 right of way acquisitions were supposed to be complete by Sept. 30, 2015; now they will have to wait until fiscal year 2016.

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer sent lawmakers a letter on Friday to notify them of the change.

Schroer says while Congress has approved enough funding to continue road projects through May, it hasn't completed a full six-year highway bill. He says state transportation officials rely on the bill for revenue for long-term projects.

The 33 stalled projects include an Interstate 55 interchange in Shelby County and a truck climbing lane on I-40 east in Dickson and Williamson counties.

Oct 30 2014
05:54 am

Early voting locations for Roane County residents are

First Christian Church, 100 Gum Hollow Road, Oak Ridge;

Rockwood Community Center, 710 N. Chamberlain Ave.;

Harriman Community Center, 631 Clinch St.;

Kingston Community Center, 201 Patton Ferry Road.

I voted did you?

Oct 29 2014
06:17 pm

Children's Halloween Party
Kingston Public Library
Thursday, October 30 from 5pm to 7pm


This is one of the best editorials on Chuck and all the good things he hasn't done for his Congressional District. It comes as his effectiveness as our Congressman is starkly exposed with the closure of the Chickamauga Lock. For folks who don't understand that issue, it shuts down barge traffic on the Tennessee river which comes into Roane County. Barge operators have offered to pay a marine fuels fee to pay for the needed upgrades and repairs but Chuck refuses to act on that because he says it is a tax and he is controlled by Grover Norquist and signed the NO TAX Pledge. An ideological maggot has eaten Chuck's brain and we're going to suffer as long as he continues as our Congressman.

Here's the Time Free Press Editorial:


I predict privatizing schools will do the same thing...

"There has been a vehicle anomaly," Orbital Sciences, the contractor supplying the rocket, said on its Twitter feed.


Oct 28 2014
06:08 pm

I plan to go meet this man...I should since I already voted for him.

U.S. Senate Candidate

Friday, October 31 at NOON

At the Krogers parking lot
1820 Roane State Hwy., Midtown, TN

Oct 28 2014
07:39 am

I wonder if this will be mentioned in Tennessee churches this Sunday? Can we go back to teaching science in schools now?

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right and God isn't 'a magician with a magic wand'

Oct 28 2014
07:22 am

Essentially we know nothing more about these two people from the media coverage of the debate. Giant media fail. However the totally unscientific poll at the Times Free Press has Dr. Mary Headrick winning by 77% to 23%. It appears that the engaged and knowledgeable voters have stated their clear choice for Dr. Headrick. Unfortunately it is not the knowledgeable voter who decides elections in Tennessee.

Here's the TFP coverage. WBIR is far worse.


Oct 27 2014
07:39 pm

According the Roane County Attorney Greg Leffew, Troy Beets ignored parliamentary law by prohibiting Ron Woody’s motion on the TVA funds. Troy has caused enough damage on the Roane County Economic Development Foundation. The money is gone, but it's time to remove him from office thus preventing anymore wrongdoing. He doesn't need a 3rd term after 32 years in various offices. Troy has a long history of ignoring the public.

Link to RCN article (link...)

Oct 26 2014
10:22 am

“You’re talking about a district that has 650,000 people,” (Political Science Professor, Kent)Syler said. “Most people never meet the candidate.”

But he said it hardly matters.

“The most important thing that a candidate can do is raise money and set up advertising.”

Congressman Scott DesJarlais is recovering from cancer surgery. His campaign won't reveal any details but says he has a 90% chance of a full recovery. He's off the campaign trail but that doesn't matter. It's all about the money.

Tom Humphrey has the story

The East Tennessee Renaissance Festival runs Saturday, Oct. 25 and Sunday, Oct. 26 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 550 Fiske Road, Harriman (near the Radio Control Airport). Admission is $8 for ages 13 and up and $5 for kids ages 5 to 12.


Oct 25 2014
08:19 am

This is rather nice for Dr. Mary...

October 25, 2014

Dr. Mary Headrick, candidate for the Tennessee Third Congressional seat, was both delighted and gratified to receive the endorsement of Robert Reich, who served as U.S. Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration.

“Mary Headrick is a fighter for average working Americans against the moneyed interests that are wielding more power than ever. She’ll stand up for you, not for them. She deserves your support, and we all deserve her in Congress,” Reich stated in his endorsement.


Watts Bar construction began in 1973, but because of America's on-again, off-again romance with nuclear energy, Unit ONE was delayed until 1996.

The romance rekindled in 2007, and TVA committed to finishing Watts Bar Unit TWO, at a cost of 2-point-2 billion dollars. In just 5 years, that cost doubled to 4-point-2 billion dollars and TVA now says, Unit Two will FINALLY be ready by late next year.


Oct 22 2014
08:11 am

Looks like it. One million dollars in the TVA Ash Disaster pay off money was earmarked as image repair money back when. A sound plan was proposed by County Exec Ron Woody and Roane Alliance President Wade Cresswell. That plan would have allocated the money to the one organization in Roane County that has the sole purpose of promoting Roane County. Instead, the money was divided up with the bulk of it going to Harriman and Kingston. I can see the case for Kingston but Harriman has made out like a bandit on the backs of TVA ash spill victims. Rockwood can make a far greater case for having been harmed by the ash spill stigma than Harriman can. Rockwood is, after all, downstream. Harriman is somewhere else.

A sensible use of the million dollars would be to allocate it to the Roane Alliance and use it for specific public relations programs that would begin the process of erasing the TVA disaster stigma that hangs over Roane County property owners and businesses. But it's money after all and there's nothing local officials like better than money they don't have to levy taxes to get.


Oct 22 2014
06:47 am
By: WhitesCreek

American alligators use tools. The only other Reptilia known to use sticks to lure birds is the mugger crocodile. Both species collect sticks on their heads which birds looking for nesting material try to pick up, thereby becoming food for the local apex predator.

Oct 21 2014
07:02 am

Roane County had 86 deer related traffic accidents last year. Slow down and don't swerve, even if a collision is imminent. Remember that there is almost never just one and that they are incredibly stupid where vehicles are concerned.


Oct 21 2014
06:45 am
By: WhitesCreek

A few items that caught my eye:

Despite all the scare mongering by the GOP, ebola is exactly as difficult to catch as the CDC said it was. Family members of the only victim so far who had very close contact with him have been cleared and released from quarantine.

An experimental herpes drug is named "pritelivir". Is that pronounced "Pretty Liver"?

As of this exact moment in time you have arachnids living on your face. Members of the arachnid family include scorpions, spiders and mites. Researchers have found Demodex folliculorum or D. brevis (human follicular mites) in the facial follicles of 100% of adults tested. Time to get over that Arachnophobia of yours. You are where they live! I thought about posting photos but didn't want to ruin your breakfast.

A virus that makes its way to a door knob can be transmitted to between 40% and 60% of the people in an office within two to four hours. If half of the people use disinfectant hand wipes the rate of transmission is cut by 80%.

Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.