It's disappointing that we live in a time when this is a result of our social interaction.

...when I saw just how vulgar it was and is, that also bothered me. To me, there was hate in that," Williams said.

The Roane County Sheriff said more than half a dozen homes, cars and storage spaces were targeted in the Swan Pond Road area, off Roane State Highway.


This is one of the toughest triathlons that includes whitewater kayaking. The Green River Gorge in NC is a rite of passage for extreme kayakers and is the first leg of the Tri. It includes the massive Gorilla Falls rapid and many more. The mountain bike trail and the run are on the same grueling 8 mile loop out of and back into the Green River Gorge.

Here's a short version of last year's race. (As the proud Papa I'm pulling for a repeat but those are extremely hard to accomplish. We'll keep you posted.)

Sep 1 2015
09:14 am

Every Tennessean should be alarmed that this is happening with ZERO public awareness or input. Do you really think that a corporation Bill Haslam owns part of should be the gatekeeper for state jobs from now on?


West Roane County Volunteer Fire Department ((link...)) has been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for a new tank truck. However, West Roane VFD is required to match 5% ($10,166) of the cost of the $200,000+ truck.

Help us qualify for our new fire truck grant! Chili Supper poster, 9/25/2015

Aug 31 2015
07:44 am

I have talked with a number of people who believe we should take a serious look at how the Board operates and its make up.

I went before them last time appraisals came out and presented some rather obvious mistakes in valuations, with no rebuttal by Kirham's office during my time before the BOQ. Apparently they met with Melvin Moore afterwards and refused to change the valuations. As I understand it, the Board is a quasi judicial board in which you are sworn in to testify and must operate according to judicial protocol. That means that you are entitle to be present any time your property is being discussed and should get to hear the Assessor's reasoning as to why your valuation was made. You should also be allowed to rebut the Assessor's testimony.

None of that happened. The legal term for having the Assessor's office meet with the Board without you present is called and "ex parte communication". It is illegal.

We took them to the state and my challenge was upheld. This is a needless expenditure of time and money that should be avoided. I have been told that over 800 challenges to the Board's reviews have been heard with most being overturned in the property owner's favor.

Is it time to review the Board's operations? It is a technical job and should be paid and staffed accordingly. Several of the members are friends of mine, just so you know.

Here is the RCN's Story on the sniping contest over this.

Aug 28 2015
08:14 am

Ladd Landing Listening Room in Kingston has begun the fall music season. Tonight at the Ladd Landing clubhouse you can find out why this music series has grown so much in the three years it has been going on. $10... Family friendly...BYOB...Great social atmosphere...The best artists anywhere in an intimate room with great acoustics.

The Rough and Tumble are with us tonight. They have a new movie sound track they'll introduce tonight. And then there's the Holiday Awareness campaign:

Here's another one that is very different but shows their amazing voices and harmonies...


Aug 28 2015
06:44 am

"Bimbo" bakeries? Really?

Bimbo Bakeries said Wednesday one consumer found small pieces of glass on the outside of the bread. No injuries have been reported.

The recall covers seven different Sara Lee products, two each sold under the Nature's Harvest and Great Value brands, and one each for the Kroger, L'Oven Fresh, and Bimbo brands. The packages have "best by" dates ranging from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1 and a listed "bakery code" of 1658.


Aug 26 2015
06:01 am

Jeff Wicks has served us well as one of two General Sessions Court judges. He has a solid record and the background to serve us just as effectively as criminal court judge replacing Eugene Eblen who is stepping down.

As mentioned previously, Eblen's retirement sets off a musical chair reshuffling as lower court judges want to move up to higher courts. This is as it should be, since experience gained in one court prepares for the next. If Wicks is appointed we will then have an opening at the General Sessions level that will have to be filled. That will be interesting to watch and is the position that will affect the most people in Roane County.


Aug 26 2015
05:49 am

REU has a scheduled power outage for work that involves Lakeside Golf Course, Lakeside Drive, Onlake Drive, Thornton Lane, Sylvan Way and Sawmill Road, 496-979 Old Johnson Valley, Wise Road and Huff Road. The outage is schedule for 9:00 AM until 1:00 pm on Thursday, Aug 27.

Aug 25 2015
06:45 am
By: WhitesCreek

The price of solar power dropped 78 percent between 2009 and 2014 while the price of wind power dropped 58 percent during that same time period. Wind is now among the cheapest sources of power in the United States, with solar not far behind.

It didn't make much news around here but President Obama announced a new round of incentives for renewable energy, yesterday. Our local media was more concerned with Republicans in the state legislature holding emergency hearings to stop Planned Parenthood from doing something they don't actually do.

Here's the story

Do these people ever actually read the Constitution of the USA?

Darrell Trigg is running for president and forming his own political party, the Christian Party.

The first point of his campaign platform is to do away with separation of church and state and make it union of church and state instead. This means, among other things, the official religion of the United States will be Christianity.

He wants to make the Bible a standard required subject in all public schools and universities, for all grades. Every day of school will be started with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Trigg wants to increase the legal drinking age to 25 and ban alcohol on college campuses.


Here's the money quote that shows how dishonest the headline is:

"When you put a capital-intensive asset into operation like Watts Bar, your embedded costs go up," Johnson said. "But over the 40 to 60 years this plant will operate, you will generate consistent fuel savings and over the life of the plant, it is a very good investment."

Here's the headline: "TVA boosts rates as it moves to add more nuclear, gas and renewables, cut coal generation"

Solar and wind power are the cheapest long term power investments. If big energy lackeys can be stopped from passing laws that handicap solar, it will soon become the cheapest source of electricity this planet has ever seen. Here's the story:


Aug 21 2015
08:35 am
Aug 21 2015
06:27 am

Left out of this article is whether this prison is managed by Haslam's private contractor buddies?

In a letter sent to WVLT, Edwards says that he is "very troubled by the allegations that Morgan Countian Woody Garrett, who was injured in the vicious attack on Tuesday, was the result of staffing deficiencies which seem to be a corollary of the 28 day work cycle aka, the 6 on 3 off shift strategy."

Edwards letter also challenges claims by TDOC in Nashville. He says TDOC, "has been downgrading the categorization of staff assaults to a lesser offense which undermines the respect which the inmates must have for the correctional staff."


Aug 20 2015
05:48 am

KES STUDENTS ONLY - Due to FLOODING, there will be no school for KES Students on Thursday, August 20. Teachers report as usual.


We like these guys! See you Friday.

Info directions and reservations here: (link...)

Aug 19 2015
09:36 am

Some of these thing are bigger than the house I live in. Most of them are simply non-navigable house boats. Either way they are a problem environmentally and from a tax standpoint, of which they pay little.

Here's an article with links to others at News 6: (link...)

Here's the TVA site where you may comment. (link...)

Aug 18 2015
09:43 am

So you won't be able to get a job at UT unless Haslam's corporation approves of you. Does anybody else think this is a problem?

The article quotes the United Campus Workers as saying the scope "includes every person, and every job, for every building everywhere. Haslam wants to outsource our safety, health, and education to some for-profit, out-of-state company. All of the maintenance, all of the purchasing, all of the utilities, all of the human resources, all of the security, all of the cleaning, all of the administrative work in our schools, our courtrooms, our service agencies. It will hurt everyone.”


It seems that as a candidate, Bill Haslam listed JLL as one of his "major investments." And, whaddya know, the state recently signed a five-year, $330 million contract with the company to manage the state's buildings.

And then there was this one

Terri came to Roane County to be closer to her family. She left her dream job in Sedona Arizona to spend more time with her mother and father as her dad battled cancer. While we are sad for the circumstances that brought her to us, we have been gladdened to have her in our community. She was not just an excellent award winning editor and writer but active in the community for many good causes in her spare time. We are proud to call Terri Likens a good friend and wish her the best in her new adventure. The Times Free Press is getting a good one!

Aug 12 2015
07:57 pm

In Tennessee alone, the non-native animals are in 80 of the state's 95 counties and cause about $1.5 billion in agricultural damage each year.


House Republicans tout legislation that gutted Tennessee’s estate and gift taxes, a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefits a handful of Tennessee’s wealthiest citizens while punching a multimillion-dollar hole in our budgets year after year.

These are just a few of the most obvious Republican failures.


Terri Likens has been a great asset to Roane County. Her shoes will not be filled at the Roane County News. But our loss is the Times Free Press's gain. We can hope that she remembers and misses us enough to wander by from time to time.

Aug 12 2015
07:21 am

Catchy and you can dance to it!

I was out last night and saw a few meteors. Perseids leave a faint trail and the samples I saw at 2:30 AM did exactly that. Go to bed early and get up after midnight for the best experience.

Some of the strongest showings will occur after midnight and into the predawn hours.
To see the show, get as far away from urban light as possible and find a location with a clear view of the night sky.
Bring along a chair and be prepared to sit still for at least half an hour. If it's cool at night, you might also want to bundle up with a few extra layers and bring along a hot drink as well.
Once you get to your viewing location, search for the darkest patch of sky you can find. Meteors can appear anywhere overhead.
Let your eyes relax and don't look in any one specific spot so you can easily react to any movement up above.
Don't bother with a telescope or binoculars. Either will reduce the amount of sky you can see, lowering the odds of catching sight of a meteor.
While you’re sky-gazing, avoid using a flashlight or looking at your cellphone as both will destroy your night vision.


Aug 11 2015
09:33 am

This just breaks my heart.

A 20-year-old Harriman drowned in front of his father and his girlfriend Saturday night after he jumped into Watts Bar Lake to try to recover a fishing pole.

Dustin Branson, Humphrey Lane, was fishing at the Caney Creek boat ramp and dock across the lake from Roane County Park when he jumped into the lake in an effort to retrieve the fishing gear that had fallen in, Roane County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Tim Phillips said.


News from around the state that affects YOU from Crockett Buzz:


And why should we worry about clean air in TN? (link...)

Aug 10 2015
05:54 pm
By: WhitesCreek
Aug 10 2015
05:09 pm

Here's the short version but you should follow the link and see the photos. That says more than any words could possibly convey.

Fayetteville residents Tom and Arnisteen Clark have been married for 68 years. The only time they have been apart during their marriage is when Tom, an Army veteran, was stationed in Korea. This made their stay in different rooms in the hospital very difficult for them, so Tina Mann, Manager, Orthopedics Medical-Surgical 4, with help from the clinical staff, went above and beyond to make a special arrangement for Tom, 96, to visit his wife, in her room. Overcome with joy, he wept as he described the deep love he has for Arnisteen, 92. “I just can’t be away from her, she’s the finest woman in the world.” Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the Clarks and many more happy years together.


Tennessee officials today ordered the Tennessee Valley Authority to investigate, assess and remedy problems with all coal-ash deposit sites across the state.

Environment and Conservation Commissioner Bob Martineau's order follows the federal coal combustion residual (CCR) and is intended to ensure not only that the state keeps abreast of the federal electric utility's progress in complying with the federal rule but goes beyond it as well.

"Our goal in issuing this Order is to ensure that historical coal ash disposal sites are addressed in a manner that is fully protective of both the public health and the environment, as well as meeting state and federal requirements," Bob Martineau said in a news release. "The Order addresses all CCR disposal areas in the state, even those not under the jurisdiction of the federal rule."


Aug 7 2015
07:18 am

Way back in the last century we had just moved to Roane County and were struggling to build a business. We were scratching to get by and had very little to live on. Keeping our aged cars and trucks running was tough and costly, but we quickly found Terry Webb and the business that is now Precision Battery Service. For what seems an impossibly low cost, Terry would rebuild alternators and starters that stayed rebuilt.

Time marches on and deals its cards along the way. Terry has been dealt a tough one lately. Rather than shut his business down, he decided to give it to his employees and let them keep it going.

“I can’t imagine anyone having better employees than I have,” Webb said. “They’re going to need a job, so I’m going to turn this over to them.”

A few months back I bought another battery from Terry's shop. I'm glad I'll still have his people to rely on when the next time rolls around.


Lost Medicaid Funding

To date, the failure to expand Medicaid / TennCare has cost the State of Tennessee ? in lost federal funding.